Replace Those Missing Keys

July 21st, 2009

Since the beginning, we’ve offered replacement keys for just about every model Apple Laptop. There’s just no need to replace an entire keyboard if you’re only missing a keycap or two.

Today we introduced a new feature that makes ordering keys even easier…a virtual keyboard. On any replacement key page, instead of typing in the keys you need, simply click on the key you’d like to order and it will automatically be added to the key selection box and the correct quantity will be selected for you.

You can see how this works in the image below:


If you’d like to check out the new virtual keyboard or order some replacement keys, you can find the keys at the links below:

Macbook Unibody Keys

Macbook Pro Keys

Macbook Keys

Powerbook G4 Keys (Aluminum)

Powerbook G4 Keys (Titanium)

iBook G4 Keys

iBook G3 Keys

Powerbook G3 Keys (Pismo / Lombard)

Powerbook G3 Keys (Wallstreet)

3 Responses to “Replace Those Missing Keys”

  1. Marilyn Howard says:

    This is a great service that you offer. I know many who I will direct your way…

  2. charles says:

    Your site is not working.
    Neet E and T keys for titanium 15 laptop.
    Can you help me?


  3. Bradley says:

    What problem exactly are you having with the site. We’ve had no other reports of problems ordering keys. You can also call customer support at 1-866-726-3342 to place an order.

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