We buy smartphones, e-readers, tablets, laptops, desktops, and music players such as iPhones, iPads, iPods, Macs, and more. The process is quick and easy. You see how much it is worth, send it to us for a final offer, and once approved you get paid.

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Higher Buyback Offers

We specialize in gadget components and gadget repair. As such, we have our own repair and refurbishment facilities which drive down our costs for resale. The bottom line is that we can offer more for your gadget.


Ship your gadget to us however you like. We do recommend choosing a method with tracking and insurance just in case.

We Recycle

Whether your entire unit is scrap, or just your battery, we ensure that non-usable components are disposed of properly and don't end up in a landfill.

Our offers are based on several factors including current market value, condition, and availability. Offers may fluctuate daily depending on these factors. The initial offer is based on all of these factors as well as what you input as the condition of your gadget.

Once we have the unit in the shop, we will give you the final offer. The final offer may vary from your original offer based on the condition of the unit. Once we give you the final offer, you can accept it and we will pay you through Paypal or you can decide to have the device shipped back. You WILL be responsible for shipping charges if the final offer matches or is greater than the initial offer OR if you exaggerate on the condition of your gadget. This service is for complete, assembled devices. All shipping charges will also be your responsibility, if you send in an incomplete and/or disassembled device and refuse our final offer. The final offer amount is completely up to Powerbookmedic.com based on condition, market value, and company need.

  If we do not receive a reply within three months of our final offer, the device will be recycled, and it will be our property.

Here are the currently available methods you can choose from to get your gadget to us. Below, each option is explained.

Self-Ship Option

With this option, you ship your device to us with your box and any shipping method you choose. This is the fastest option, but it will require adequate packing.

The first step is to get the initial value of your device. Just put in the name or the model number (i.e. A1181) of your device in the box. We will then ask you the condition of the device. We'll then give you our initial offer. This is not necessarily the same as the final offer, but it should give you a good estimation of what you'll end up getting.

After you've received an initial quote, the next step is to schedule your device for diagnosis. To do this, simply complete the schedule form at the end of the process. You'll be asked to enter your contact information and shipping options. After clicking the schedule button, you'll receive complete instructions on sending your device in both on screen and via email.

After we've received your device, our technicians will contact you with a final offer and ask for the approval to complete the purchase. Once you have approved, we will arrange payment. If you decide against our offer, we will contact you to setup returning of the device.

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