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Macbook Pro Key Replacements for A1398 and A1502 Keycap

April 11th, 2017

Looking for a replacement key for your Retina Macbook Pro? We have keycaps replacements for the model A1398 and A1502 2012-2016 Macbook Pro models available at the link below.

Macbook Pro Retina Key Replacements

There are two revisions of keycaps for the Macbook Pro retina models, a REV A and a REV B. If you’re able to take the bottom pan off of the unit, you can easily confirm which revision you have by looking at the middle two cells on the battery. If there is a warning in white text on the middle two cells, then you have a REV B. If there is no white text written on the middle cells, then you have a REV A.

You can also tell the revision by looking at the keycaps themselves. The picture below shows the differences in the Macbook Pro Retina keycap replacement revisions.