Offerings to the Computer Gods

July 15th, 2009

Every once in a while, we get a package over here that when opened leaves us either scratching our heads or laughing hysterically.

A couple of  years back we received a Fedex package that had $800 in cash wrapped around a bunch of newspapers. (Yes, we called FEDEX immediately, and yes all the cash was returned and promptly picked up.)

A few months back we got a customer who was returning a product for exchange. When we opened his return, we found about 50 pairs of plastic sunglasses…we looked all through the box, but definitely no computer parts in there.

We’ve received countless repairs in diaper boxes, rotisserie chicken cooker boxes, clock boxes, etc… We’ve even seen packaging for laptops ranging from toilet paper to bound books.

All of this brings me to today. Today we received a return for exchange, and once the box was opened, there was an offering to the computer gods.


On top of the return, on a recycled grocery bag were the following offerings:

Maglight, Pedometer, a small pointed stone, and a coiled branch

The maglight I can understand…what nerd doesn’t want a free maglight. The branch I suppose could be uncoiled and be used as a pretend light saber, so that’s understandable to a lesser degree.  The stone could be used by our Customer Support staff as a weapon since I refuse to get them tasers. The pedometer though baffles me. Everyone knows nerds don’t walk.

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