iPhone 3G and 3G(S) Glass Removal Guide

April 1st, 2011

We have, over the last few years, had numerous requests for a more detailed instructions on how to separate the glass and digitizer from the iPhone 3G and 3G(S), from the midboard. This is a relatively simple process, however, we have seen numerous instances where customers have damaged their LCDs, the ear speaker, or torn cables in the process of trying to complete this repair. We would encourage you, the reader, to check out the instructional video with this blog, before attempting the repair, and then deciding if this is something you would like to attempt. If it appears to be too daunting, we offer a send-in repair service, which you can take advantage of by scheduling a repair here. If you would like to proceed, the first thing will be to proceed with gathering your tools and replacement parts. For this repair, we would recommend the following:

Replacement Glass

3G Glass and Digitizer

3G(S) Glass and Digitizer


Philips #00

iPad Takeapart Tool

iPhone Double-sided Adhesive

Once you have gathered the appropriate tools and parts, we can proceed with disassembling the phone. You can follow the first step on this video , and then proceed to follow the steps below. You will remove the six screws that surround the LCD frame, holding the LCD in the frame. These are held in place with small Philips head screws. Once you have removed them, you can then use a flat pry tool such as the iPad Takeapart tool,  to separate the LCD from the Glass and Midboard. You want to take extra precaution on this step, so as not to damage the LCD in the removal. Set the LCD gently to the side, and then firmly grasp the  frame of the midboard as detailed in the video, and put firm pressure on the glass to create a little separation between the midboard and glass.You can then work the iPad Takeapart tool between the plastic and the Glass to gently separate the two. Once you have some separation, you should be able to gently peal the glass away from the midboard. You will want to take caution in working around the home button and the cable coming from the earpiece and the ambient light sensor, so as not to damage those parts. Once you have separated the Glass and midboard, you will want to clear the midboard of any residual adhesive and shattered glass, so that you have a clean base to work on. You can then either use the Double sided adhesive or a couple of small dots of superglue to hold the new Glass and Digitizer in place. You will also want to take precautions to thread the cable on the new glass in the center of the midboard, where the LCD will sit. This will insure that the cables will seat properly, once the display assembly is reinstalled. From here, you would reseat the LCD in the midboard frame, replace the six screws you removed, and reassemble the iPhone. Now you have completed the replacement of the Glass and Digitizer on your iPhone.

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