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iPhone 3GS (A1303)

Submitted By: powerbookmedic
Approved On: 9/10/09
Description: This is a Powerbookmedic.com video for the iPhone 3GS.

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Comments (257):

1 week ago
Powerbook Medic
2 months ago
@tutu - most likely one of the antennas got unplugged or damaged. you'll need to go back into it and check it out.
2 months ago
after changing battery no more network
1 month ago
4 months ago
When i plug in charger in my iphone 3gs (ios 6.1.6 .... Jailbreak ...model A1303) it show only one network bar then no service then searching... Then full network ....after 5min it show full network ... Plz tell me how to fix it...
5 months ago
my phone spontaneously stopped getting a signal and all that's coming up is either no service or it continuously says searching; I've restored it yet nothing seems to have changed, any suggestions?
4 months ago
network solution iphone a1303
5 months ago
what is the prosiger change i phone id
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