iMac G5 Repair Guide Teardown Released

April 6th, 2010

In the trend of filling in the gaps in our Mac Repair Guide site, today we’re releasing our iMac G5 Repair Guide.

This video guide shows you how to completely disassemble the iMac G5 to replace the LCD, Hard Drive, Power Supply, etc… The guide is broken down into the following sections:

1.) Introduction
2.) iMac G5 Front Bezel Removal
3.) iMac G5 LCD
4.) Speaker Removal
5.) Removing the iMac G5 Logic Board
6.) Fan Assembly
7.) iMac G5 Hard Drive Removal
8.) Removing the Inverter Board
9.) iMac G5 Power Supply

You can view the video directly at the link below.

iMac G5 Repair Guide A1145

The video is also embedded below:

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One Response to “iMac G5 Repair Guide Teardown Released”

  1. Ron Cooke says:

    Thanks to your guide I was able to open replace and repair parts on this G5. It actually put food on my table as I am the only one in town who would take this client. In time like these, those who give will never, ever go without. A million Thanks You’s coming all the way from Port Saint Lucie, FL.

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