ZIF 1.8″ Hard Drive Enclosure for MacBook Air and iPod Video

April 7th, 2010

Today we added a cool little product to our Mac Parts store. The product is an external enclosure for a 1.8″ ZIF hard drive. This enclosure will house the hard drives from a Macbook Air or iPod Video externally and connect them to your computer via USB.

What would you mainly use this for?

1.) A really small portable drive.
2.) A way to get your music and files off of a dead iPod Video or Macbook Air. Just take the drive out of your iPod using our Mac Repair Guides and then put it into this enclosure.

Click here to go to the Macbook Air ZIF Hard Drive enclosure product page. The enclosure is $39.95.

9 Responses to “ZIF 1.8″ Hard Drive Enclosure for MacBook Air and iPod Video”

  1. alex says:

    will this work with SSD drives as well?

  2. Alex says:

    i just bought ZIF 1.8″ Hard Drive Enclosure for MacBook Air and iPod Video” but could not connect it with the HDD from my MacBook Air. The cable seems to wide to fit at the HDD side. Any tips please?

  3. Bradley says:

    You likely have the Micro-Sata hard drive. This enclosure is only for the original Macbook airs, not the later revisions. We currently don’t have a micro-sata enclosure. You can call customer support to setup a return at 1-866-726-334.

  4. dave says:

    I have a hard drive from a dell latitude xt tablet. It appears to be the same drive as the macbook air. Would this enclosure work? My drive has a small flat cable and rectangular plug.

  5. Bradley says:

    @Dave – I’m unsure as we don’t support Dell products at this time.

  6. Harpartap S. Bedi says:

    will this fit the gdd out of original macbook air 1st gen from oct2008 – 2009 ?

  7. Harpartap S. Bedi says:

    Hdd *

  8. Bradley says:

    @ Harpartap – Yes it will. It will fit the original Macbook air drives, but not the micro-sata drives from later models.

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