This is an official take-apart manual for the iMac G5 with model number A1145.

Muoi Mcwells

1 year ago
I gotta bookmark this internet site it seems very useful very helpful


2 years ago
I have 2 problems with my g5. 1.Capacitors broke, where can i buy new ones? 2.Which OSX should i install?

william sweeney

3 years ago
removal of a stuck cd

Powerbook Medic

4 years ago
@German - if you can still adjust the volume but just not see it.. it is typically a video issue with either the LCD or video chipset.. if its not booting.. it may be an issue with the hard drive.


4 years ago
I have an iMac 5,1 intel core 2 duo. the one with all the parts inside the screen. when i started the computer the screen goes grey with the apple logo, and then Blue, after that nothing happens, I CAN NOT see the desk menus . Could you please help me to fix this problem.

Powerbook Medic

4 years ago
@cjg - there's a dropdown box right below the video to download each segment.


4 years ago
How can you download this video to your desktop? Difficult to watch because of slow download speed.

Lee McKusick

4 years ago
"Removing the front" of 2006 vintage G5, at top edge of the front there is a metal clip. The metal pieces visible left and right are two clips. The clip is released either by pinching the top edge and sliding the front up or reaching between the LCD and the inside of the front and pinching the clip lever closer to the inside of the front.
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