Broken iPad Reports Coming In

April 5th, 2010

It was bound to happen…It just happened sooner than even we thought it would. Between the iPad release Saturday morning and Monday morning we’ve gotten three reports of customers who broke their iPad and need repair. All the damage reports so far are the result of users dropping their iPads and cracking the glass digitizer panel.

The good news for these guys is that we’re already offering iPad Parts for self repair as well as well as already have our iPad Repair guide page up as well.

We are also offering our send-in repair service for the iPad. The cost for an iPad Repair is $30 flat labor + part cost. That includes free ground shipping and us sending you a box. You can also drop off your iPad at The UPS Store, and they’ll box it up and send it to us on our dime. (You have to schedule the repair and get a work order from us first to do this.)

The bad news is that the iPad parts supply is pretty constrained right now. So, if these reports keep coming in you may end up having to wait a little bit to have your iPad repaired.

For those that missed it, PowerbookMedic was the first company to do a teardown of the iPad. The iPad Teardown photos are available here. The HD video of the iPad Teardown is available here.

2 Responses to “Broken iPad Reports Coming In”

  1. lee says:

    i just drop my ipad for the secont time the firts time the glass broke but i was able to use it now is double the broking glass and i am able to turn it on but the i touch wont work and i cant slide to unluck please tell me this is fixsable

  2. Bradley says:

    Your digitizer cable likely came undone. You likely just need to replace the digitizer.

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