iPhone 4 Screw Location Explanation (Part 3)

June 2nd, 2011

In the previous two entries, we have covered the locations of a number of the various screws that are in the iPhone 4. While the repairs on this phone are not impossible to complete, they do require a certain level of skill to complete them. As time progresses, we may go into more detail on completing other repairs on this phone, however, the Take Apart video found here keeps the repairs we cover to a relatively simple level. As with all repairs, we would encourage you to only attempt work you are comfortable doing. With electronics, there are frequently small fragile parts that are easily torn or damaged. The wrong move could turn your iPhone 4 into a $400 paperweight. If you are in need of repair, please feel free to schedule a repair on our website.

The last post we made covered the screws on the bottom of the iPhone 4, up to the Dock Connector cable. In this post we will cover the remaining few screws which keep the Logic Board in place. Once the Logic Board is removed, the screws that keep the display securely in place will be exposed, and accessible to you to complete a number of repairs on this device.

Just above the Dock Connector Cable there will be a small white dot, which you can remove with a flat pry tool. In the image to the left, the dot has been placed above the screw on the right side of the Logic Board. The small dot is a moisture sensor, and will turn red when exposed to moisture. This is one of the ways Apple can determine if your warranty is void due to misuse.

In the image to the right is the Upper EMI Shield, and the screws which hold it in place. The screw that is in the left side of the EMI shield also anchors the Logic Board in place. Underneath the EMI Shield is a series of three small cables, which coordinate with the headphone jack, the front facing camera, and the induction flex cable.

There are two cables on the left hand side, which are connected to the LCD and Digitizer, which will actually slide through the midboard when removing the display assembly. Beneath those two cables, is an arm that is connected to the rear facing camera, which is also attached by a flat cable below it.  Just above the right most cable is a screw with a socket in it. A flathead screwdriver should remove this for you easily.

The screw in this image is the socketed screw in which one of the upper EMI shield screws will go. This screw needs to be removed in order for the Logic Board to be removed.

The pictures below show the six phillips head screws, with the washers which assist in holding the display assembly in place. When removing the display assembly, it is not necessary to remove these screws, but rather only to loosen them. If you do happen to remove them, you would want to be careful to make certain that you get the washers placed back in the socket with the screws.

Once you have removed the speaker assembly, and loosened the screws on the sides of the phone, there will be a series of four additional small phillips head screws that need to be removed. Once those are removed, you will have access to the Display Assembly, which will still have some adhesive holding it in place. The pictures below will detail the location of the last four screws.

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  1. Horia says:

    Hey, do you mind if I link this on my Facebook wall? I don’t know your policy regarding this, but my I’ve been telling this to my cousin for a while and he didn’t believe me. Maybe now he will, he he.

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  3. Corey says:

    The screws with the washers are stuck. How to loose them up. I got three already but the last three are a bitch

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