iPhone 4 Screw Location Explanation (Part 2)

June 2nd, 2011

In our previous post, we talked about the number of screws and various locations of screws in the upper EMI shield on the iPhone 4. This is probably the most popular of the iPhones that Apple has released to date. A large part of this is likely due to Verizon finally adding the iPhone 4 to it’s arsenal of mobile devices. As we mentioned in the previous article, there are a variety of repairs that a user can complete on the iPhone, of which the most popular would likely be the Glass and LCD replacement. This is likely due to the solid glass front and back design. When you dig into the iPhone 4, one thing that stands out is how tiny everything is inside, and how well designed the phone is. Below, we have placed some images depicting screw locations, and comparative images of the various screws in the iPhone 4, which you can use along side the Take Apart guides to complete a variety of repairs on the iPhone 4.

This is an image of the upper EMI shield and the screws which accompany this particular part. You can see the specific screw locations by reading the previous post on this topic.

This is the dock connector cable and accompanying EMI shield which is held in place by two small screws. Notice the orientation of the EMI shield, and how the shield has a small notch which is seated on the left hand side.

This is the EMI shield and the screws removed, oriented in the appropriate manner. When disassembling the iPhone 4, you should be very careful to keep track of the various screws, and their location. You can use simple tricks such as making a loop out of masking tape, so that the sticky side is facing out. Then you can adhere the tape to your work area, and place the screws on the tape so that they do not roll away.

Once you have removed the Dock Connector Cable EMI Shield, you can peel the cable back, and expose the screws that are numbered here. 1 holds the lower portion of the Logic Board. 2 holds the battery connector, and a small EMI shield, and 3 holds the speaker assembly in place.

As you can see, these are the three screws, labeled to coordinate with the image above.

We will complete the listing of the screw locations in the next post, however, as always, if the repairs look to be more than you feel comfortable completing, you can always send a repair into us by scheduling one on our site. If you would like more information about our repair services, you can follow this link.

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  1. Beth says:

    Do you have a guide like this for the CDMA version of the iphone 4? Model A1349

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