This is an official take-apart guide for the iPhone 4.

Santiago Deldonno

3 months ago
I am glad to read about someone else's opinion. I completely agree and I look forward to seeing more of this content in the future.


10 months ago
it's not usful i need any thing


9 months ago
Iphone 4 will not turn on any help

Powerbook Medic

9 months ago
@mac - it should be printed on the sim card tray or in the settings about screen if the phone is operational.

mac biukoto

9 months ago
where could i find my serial number on a1332

Powerbook Medic

10 months ago
@kathleen - that happens when you have the phone set with a pin code and it was input incorrectly multiple times in a row. You'll need to sync it up to the computer it is registered to. The only alternative is to do a factory reset.

kathleen mcmanus

10 months ago
just had my screen fixed know it saying its being disapled and connect to iTunes please help


11 months ago
Amir AKTA back glass lagba kothai babo
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