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iPhone 4 (A1332)

Submitted By: powerbookmedic
Approved On: 11/10/10
Description: This is an official Powerbookmedic.com take-apart guide for the iPhone 4.

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Comments (236):

Powerbook Medic
1 month ago
@marcum - you will probably need to restore the phone by syncing it up to iTunes.
1 month ago
They are giving thee instructions on how to remove the battery,but what I need to know is why I can not get into the menu of the phone,bicours I happen to be stuck with the emergancy call showing on the screen and not get get out there...
1 month ago
fout iphone 4
4 months ago
The best How-TO video that I have seen and I have seen alot of them in my 59 years!!!! Thank you.
4 months ago
how do i even put it in recovery mode?
Powerbook Medic
4 months ago
@bugz - it is most likely a logic board issue then.
4 months ago
i cant do nothing.not even put it in tht recovery mode.
Powerbook Medic
4 months ago
@bugz - you should put it in recovery mode and then restore it to factory defaults by syncing it with iTunes.
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