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March 1st, 2011

If you’re like most people, then you likely have an old phone or two, or even an old Mac or two lying around in your basement or attic collecting dust. The fate of these gadgets are predetermined to slowly devalue until one day you say ” I don’t need this anymore.” … and off it goes to the nearest landfill.

Today we’re introducing our latest service offering to keep the lifecycle of a gadget going….our Sell Your Gadget program.

With our new service, we’ll give you top dollar for your old electronics. Obviously, we’re an Apple centric company, so we’re buying mostly Mac products, but we’re also buying Blackberrys, Kindles, PSPs, DSs, EVOs, etc… The list will continue to grow as well.

The best thing about the service is that we’ve made it super simple to sell your device and get it to us. From getting an instant quote, to providing several convenient and free shipping options, turning your dust collecting gadget to cash couldn’t be easier.

Below we’ll walk you through the instant quote process:

1.) To get started, simply go to the Sell Your Gadget page. Then type in the name or model # of your device, and click on the device that matches the unit you are wanting to sell.:

2.) Select the statement that best describes the condition of the unit you are selling.

3.) Next, let us know what original items are included with the unit you are selling.

4.) That’s all we need for your instant quote. If you’d like to sell, click on the Send It In button to schedule the shipment. We can either ship you a box at no charge to send the unit in, you can drop it off at any The UPS Store location on our dime, or you can ship it in yourself via any method you choose.

5.) Once we get the unit we’ll inspect it, verify the condition, and send you payment via either Paypal or business check!

We’re pretty excited about this new service, and based on the response we’ve gotten from our preliminary unrolling and testing phase, so will our customers. Let us know what you think.

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