Amazon Kindle Replacement Parts and Repair Guide Now Available

February 28th, 2011

While we are primarily an Apple centric company, we do foray into other avenues from time to time. Most of you may not realize it, but in addition to repairing Apple devices, we also repair and sell replacement parts for Blackberrys and PSPs. Today we’re adding another line of gadgets to our product mix…the Amazon Kindle.

As of today, we’ve got a full line of Amazon Kindle 1st Generation replacement parts available at the link below:

Kindle Replacement Parts for model D00111

We’ll be adding more generations in the days and weeks to come.

We’ve also added an Amazon Kindle Repair Guide to our collection of Disassembly videos. That video is available at the link below:

Amazon Kindle (D00111) Take Apart Video

It is also embedded below:

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41 Responses to “Amazon Kindle Replacement Parts and Repair Guide Now Available”

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  1. 41
    Tracy Says:

    Hi, how much would a new LCD screen for a Kindle, Model No.: D01100 cost – to be shipped to Durban, South Africa. Thank you.

  2. 40
    Pippa Says:

    Hi, I am looking for a battery for the Kindle Wi-Fi 6″ e ink display, that can be shipped to South Africa. Do you stock them and what is the price please. Tks

  3. 39
    Bradley Says:

    @ Jon – You’re looking for this I believe…

  4. 38
    Jon Engel Says:

    I am looking for a replacement toggle switch for a Kindle. Can you help?
    Model DOO611

  5. 37
    Bradley Says:

    This part is available from the link below:

  6. 36
    Ken Sobel Says:

    I’m looking for a replacement 3.5 mm audio jack for my wife’s Kindle Fire. I’m looking at the component on a site called but have not been able to find a place to purchase it. It looks to be a jack attached to a small green circuit component.
    Can you help?

  7. 35
    Bradley Says:

    It can be repaired. You can give our repair department a call at 1-866-726-3342, option 2.

  8. 34
    Fran Clark Says:

    I accidentally dropped my Kindle Fire, and it no longer will charge. I am for unable to keep anything on the screen for more than a few minutes. Can it be repaired? Are there businesses in the Wichita, Kansas area that do such repairs? Thank you in advance for responding to questons.

  9. 33
    Bradley Says:

    @Celeste – Yes, we have stock and we do ship to South Africa.

  10. 32
    Celeste Says:

    Hi I need a new screen for the Kindle 2 keybord wifi and 3G device and need it shipped to South Africa. Do you have such stock and what is the price and the shipping price?

  11. 31
    Bradley Says:

    @ Dave – Do we have one of what exactly? We carry almost all Kindle parts in our Kindle category.

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