iPad 2 Parts and iPad 2 Repair

March 2nd, 2011

When the iPad 2 was released on March 11th, we were there. We were one of the first companies to teardown the iPad 2 and begin offering replacement parts and repair service.

Our iPad 2 Parts store has all of the internal components needed for self repair. We’ll be carrying all of the parts for the Wi-Fi and 3G models. ( Model #s A1395)

For those not up to self repair, we have a Send-In service for iPad 2 Service. The cost for the service is $30 labor + part cost.

Call us for iPad 2 Repair

Here is the final result of our iPad 2 Take Apart done on March 11th.

====== ORIGINAL POST =====

Within minutes of the new iPad 2 being announced, we began fielding several calls on whether we’ll repair them and if we’ll be carrying iPad 2 parts when they come out. It’s understandable for our resellers to be asking, but why are individuals already anticipating breaking their new iPads?

It’s assumed the device will be just as serviceable as the original iPad. If that’s the case, we’d assume the same components will be replaceable for the iPad 2 as for the original iPad. Several leaked images prior to the release, specifically of glass digitizers, also show that this will likely be the case. Likely the most popular replacement will be the iPad 2 Glass digitizer panel, as that is the most popular repair on the iPad, second to the LCD, battery, and casing in that order.

So to answer the question, yes we will offer iPad 2 parts and iPad repair, likely from the first day they hit the streets. And yes, we’ll have our usual take apart of the device and will be posting the video shortly after the launch, so keep an eye on the site for that.

47 Responses to “iPad 2 Parts and iPad 2 Repair”

  1. oscar figueroa says:

    hi i need the glass covered for ipad2 32gb i hope yuo can give me the cost thanks

  2. Bradley says:

    They’ll be in tomorrow. The price is $99.95.

  3. ROBB NAYLOR says:

    I fractured the glass in the top left corner. Is the glass-front available as a part? How expensive is it? Are there instructions on how to replace it?

    Thank you!

  4. Bradley says:

    The glass is $129.95. There is a teardown video on our website. We are in the process of creating the formal repair video however.

  5. Mat says:

    How expensive is the glass for iPad 2, April 7th it was 99.95, April 18th it’s 129.95?


  6. Bradley says:

    Our current price is $129.95. Availability on these is currently extremely constrained.

  7. Mauricio Padron says:

    Hi, i need a case ( the back part ) cause i broke it two weeks ago. I have the 3g model. How much it is?

  8. Bradley says:

    We should have the 3G back cases in 1-2 weeks times. Right now we only carry Wi-Fi ones in very limited supply.

  9. Markyle says:

    My front screen and back cover need replacement due to a small drop that happen today, i just want to know an estimated price?

  10. Bradley says:

    The glass is $99.95, the back case is $99.95. Labor if you sent it to us would be $45.00. So, if we performed the repair, the total cost would be $244.90.

  11. Brendon says:

    I dropped and broke my glass on my ipad 2 but it still works.
    I have an appointment to see an Apple genius tomorrow to find a solution and I assume will cost heavily.
    Can you tell me the benefit of sending my ipad 2 to you versus Apple store, thanks?

  12. Bradley says:

    The cost will likely be significantly less unless you can get a warranty replacement.

  13. Annie says:

    Hi, I called in today and ask for screen and back case repair. I just stripped on the black ice yesterday and hit my ipad 2 against the ground 🙁 It has cracked from the bottom left toward the middle of the screen and the guy said you don’t fix back case. But how come I see it on here on the website? So do you guys don’t do back case anymore?

  14. Bradley says:

    @Annie – Changing out the back case by itself is extremely time consuming and difficult without damaging other components. For this reason, we do not offer this as a repair option at this time.

  15. Laddon says:

    I need a switch and volume control flex for the ipad2 but I live in the UK. Would you be able to ship abroad and if so how long would it take and what would it cost. Also, do you have the part in stock for immediate dispatch if possible?

  16. Bradley says:

    We do ship internationally. You can see all of the shipping options and delivery times when you checkout from our online store.

  17. Adam says:

    I too had a moment of weakness and dropped my IPAD 2 thus cracking the heck out of my screen. The back and everything else seems to be fine though. Touch still works, but I am afraid of the shards doing damage so obviously I can’t use it.

    My question is, can you reuse my back case so I don’t have to pay 99.95 for a new one? And are you willing to take payments for the repair/service? (college student needs to be fiscally responsible)


  18. dave says:

    i cant open my ipad because the touch screen is not working. it just stopped working without any reason. i did not drop it nor hit it, it just stopped working… is there a reset button? thanks much

  19. Bradley says:

    @dave – If the digitizer isn’t working, it will likely need to be replaced. Give us a call at 1-866-726-3342, option 2.

  20. Erin Briggs says:

    Hi, I dropped my iPad and dinted the back cover on the corner which has then lifted my screen off a bit. I was wondering if that could be repaired.

  21. Bradley says:

    @ Erin – It can be repaired. However, the repair is extremely difficult and you risk damaging many other components such as the glass digitizer and battery in the process. For this reason, we won’t replace the back case at our facility.

  22. Luke says:

    hi, i dropped my ipad and damaged one of the corners which pushed rubber gasket slightly out. can i buy just this gasket and replace it or do i need to buy whole middle frame?

  23. Bradley says:

    @ Luke -The rubber trim is available from our online store.

  24. francisco says:

    i dropped my ipad 2, and the right up corner got damaged, my sleep and wake button got smashed, and i’m looking for the replacement part, the rear housing in this case.

  25. David says:

    is it possible for me to send in my ipad 2. my ipad was is a fire and survived. i turned on for 1hr and then it shut off and never turn on. im not sure if some piece work but the need to be tested. i took it apart and it would be easier to say wat i didnt throw away. i kept the glass digitizer, screen, motherboard, and back metal piece but, as i said im unsure if the digitizer or the screen are working. im wondering if it possible if i sent it in and got all new parts installed.

  26. Bradley says:

    @ David – Yes, just give us a call at 1-866-726-3342, option 2 and we’ll let you know what will likely be involved cost wise and give you the specifics on sending it in.

  27. sam says:

    i have just smashed my ipad screen and i was wondering how much it would cos to buy a new one the home button is smashed aswell

    sam hale

  28. Bradley says:

    Give us a call at 1-866-726-3342, option 2. One of our repair technicians can give you a quote over the phone. The cost will depend on whether or not just the glass is broken, or if both the glass and lcd are broken.

  29. Kelvin says:

    I dropped my ipad 2 wifi version. The lower left corner of my ipad is damaged. Do you carry any spare rear housing, and may I know how much it cost? I dont feel comfortable to ship it out for repair, may i know do i have any option to fix the problem

  30. Bradley says:

    We’re temporarily out of stock of iPad 2 back cases. They sell out very quickly once we do have them available.

  31. Irene says:

    My sons iPad 2 screen is cracked and we tried replacing it and also accidentally tore the power switch cord .. Trying to find out how much it is for replacement of screen digitizer and power switch cable??

  32. Bradley says:

    @ Irene – You have to replace the digitizer to replace the digitizer cable. It would likely be best to give us a call and describe your issue so we can let you know exactly what you’ll need. Our number is 1-866-726-3342, option 1.

  33. Elena says:

    Hello, I have dropped my iPad and the volume button got stuck, so i cannot use it and there is always a picture of volume regulation sign on the screen, is there any way to get it back to normal?

  34. Bradley says:

    Give our repair department a call at 1-866-726-3342, option 2. They’ll be able to get the issue resolved for you.

  35. David says:

    When changing out a wifi cable I damaged the ribbon connector at the end of the logic control board. I guess this is to do with mobile communication. I there someway of replacing this soft ribbon connector?

  36. Bradley says:

    @David – You can sometimes repair the connector, but usually it will require replacing the board.

  37. kelly says:

    I replaced the digitizer, replaced the wifi flex cable now the blue tooth and wifi do not work. Could it be the WIRELESS CARD MAIN PCB BOARD PART WIFI BLUETOOTH CHIP for IPAD 2

  38. dahianna says:

    i was replacing the screen on an ipad 2 and as i was trying to detach the digitizer the latch broke do i have to replace the hole part? and how much will it be

  39. Bradley says:

    @ dahianna – Depending how badly it broken, it can sometimes be repaired. If it can not you’d have to replace the logic board to fix the issue.

  40. Rachel says:

    My son accidentally dropped the iPad 2. Fortunately, there is no physical damage but there is internal damage i.e. LCD screen is no longer bright. Everything is still working as you will still be able to see images on the screen when very bright light is shine directly on the screen. Suspect it is the LCD that need replacement and I’m thinking of repairing it myself. However, I will need some expert advise on what would be the items needed to do the repair myself for this case.

  41. Bradley says:

    @ Rachel – It likely is the LCD. The problem however is that there is a high probability that in changing out the LCD the digitizer will crack as well.

  42. Brad says:

    my ipad2 16gb dropped but no damage to glass. Yet after a day the screen went completely black i can only see the back-light when i press the home,or sleep/wake button. What part do I need?

  43. Bradley says:

    @ Brad – You likely need the LCD. The problem however is that you may damage the glass as it has to be removed in order to change the LCD. So, you may need the LCD and the glass digitizer.

  44. bradders says:

    I have a apple ipad 2 it fell off a unit onto a speaker has a small dent in the back and is not turning on or anything I plan to fix it myself as have repaired iphones et before any ideas on what parts id need??

  45. Michael Williams says:

    The small black latch that secures the connecter from the digitizer to the motherboard has come off. Is this something that you can fix?

  46. Bradley says:

    @ Michael – If you have the clip and the logic board is not physically damaged, we should be able to reattach it. You can call our repair department at 866-726-3342, option 2.

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