iPod Touch 1st Gen Take Apart Video Released

March 10th, 2010

We’ve got one new take apart video for you today for the 1st Gen iPod Touch.

The video is also live on our Mac Repair Guide site.

This video guide shows you how to completely disassemble the 1st generation iPod Touch to replace the various components.

You can view the video directly at the link below.

iPod Touch 1st Gen (A1213)

The videos are also embedded below:

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2 Responses to “iPod Touch 1st Gen Take Apart Video Released”

  1. Donald Chase says:

    I have an iPod Touch with 8GB memory which I understood to be the iPod Touch 4 which I thought meant 4th generation, but your site list an iPod Touch 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Generation. This is some what confusing to me. I am an Electronics Engineering Technician, but I must admit that my experience with surface mount components and some of the new ribbon cable technology is some what limited. I’m 64 years old now and have been out of the profession for 20 years due to illness. My son had given me the iPod Touch 8GB which served me well, even if it was used, for about a year. Then one day I could not turn it on. I noticed also that leaving it plugged in to the charger made the battery get unusually warm. I suspect that the battery stopped taking a charge. Apple wants $79 to replace the battery, assuming that is all that is wrong, otherwise the repairs would cost almost as much as buying a replacement. I’ve set the unit aside for the last year in hopes that one day I could find out how to get into the unit and fix it myself. My son suggested doing a Google search which I did tonight and found some not very informative videos then I stumbled upon your YouTube video which looked much more professional and listed a webpage. That is how I came to be here. At this point, I’m not quite so confident that my skills, though extensive, are up to date enough to tackle this repair. Getting the unit open appears to be easy enough, but since you don’t specifically deal how to replace the battery or how to be sure that is what is wrong, I wondering what you would charge to do repairs on the iPod. Also, do you have more extensive repair information that I can access. As I mentioned, I’ve been out of the profession for 20 years and am on Social Security Disability Income. As a result I don’t have a lot of cash laying around so I have to be very tight with my finances. As a result, I still do as much as I’m able to do on my own. That’s not a lot anymore. My son gave me a Lenova Ideatab A2910A tablet to replace the iPod Touch for the last year. Only problem with that is I had quite a bit tide up in the iPod in paid apps that I used daily and the tablet is so much bigger and heavier and not as responsive as the iPod touch was so I’m hoping to revive it as I can’t afford to replace it. This may be more than you really wanted to know, but I felt it best to let you know where I’m coming from and my expertise so you would have a better idea of what might be my best direction to go with this and give me some pricing also.

    Thank you for any help or direction you can give me.
    Donald Chase

  2. Bradley says:

    @ Donald – I’d recommend calling our repair department at 866-726-3342 option 2. They’ll be able to let you know your options and steer you in the right direction.

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