This is an official take-apart manual for the 1st generation iPod Touch with model number A1213.

Ariel Figueirido

2 weeks ago
Hola gostaria una ayuda en asistencia tengo un ipod 32GB modelo MB376ZP y el audio no funciona, no consigo escuchar con el auricular... que puedo hacer.

Powerbook Medic

13 months ago
@Jazz - if it won't sync up to the computer, there isn't much you can do. Any music on there should still be on your computer or redownloadable from the music store.


1 year ago
When I plug my iPod into the computer it lights up and shows the apple but then blacks out. It will not show up at all on my mac or PC and I've tried many restoring processes. Please do you know of there's any way possible to get my music off of the logic board? I've tried many restoring software's and still nothing. I just want the data of music.


2 years ago
i think the taken parts preussces was obviouse and clear enught, but if there's any other vids that would explain how to diagnost i pod awsome

Powerbook Medic

3 years ago
@ramadhani - we offer a repair service if you want to send it in to us for a free diagnosis.


3 years ago
my ipod usb device is don't want to work

Powerbook Medic

3 years ago
@John - sometimes you can solder it back, but in most situations it requires a new logic board.


3 years ago
The gold clip that works in sync with the power button was laying inside when I took it apart. "The one on the logic board". Is there a way to fix this ?
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