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iPod Touch 1st Gen (A1213)

Submitted By: powerbookmedic
Approved On: 3/10/10
Description: This is an official Powerbookmedic.com take-apart manual for the 1st generation iPod Touch with model number A1213.

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Comments (69):

2 weeks ago
1 month ago
i think the taken parts preussces was obviouse and clear enught, but if there's any other vids that would explain how to diagnost i pod awsome
Powerbook Medic
11 months ago
@ramadhani - we offer a repair service if you want to send it in to us for a free diagnosis.
11 months ago
my ipod usb device is don't want to work
Powerbook Medic
1 year ago
@John - sometimes you can solder it back, but in most situations it requires a new logic board.
1 year ago
The gold clip that works in sync with the power button was laying inside when I took it apart. "The one on the logic board". Is there a way to fix this ?
Powerbook Medic
1 year ago
@CRB - unfortunately the dock connector is soldered onto the logic board on this model, so you'll just need to decide if it is cost effective to repair or replace.
1 year ago
My son slobbered on the end of my first gen iPod. I tried drying it out, but when I plug it up, it still doesn't charge. For some reason the charging end does get warm to the touch, but it ipod will not turn on. Any suggestions? Should I just buy a new one? It was not completely submerged in slobber, it just got on the end where you charge it.
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