No iPad Camera Based on Digitizer Photos

March 12th, 2010

Today we got a first glimpse of some of the iPad digitizers. While we can’t release the photos, we can tell you about them.

1.) No Camera hole for an iSight – This pretty much squashes the theory of a late add iPad camera, and supports the notion that the camera was pulled last minute based on previous midframe photos.

2.) Oversized iPhone Digitizer – The digitizer is basically identical to the iPhone / iPod Touch models except that it is much larger. The digitizer appears to have a strip of adhesive that will adhere it in a similar fashion as the iPod Touch and iPhone as well. We’re assuming disassembly will require a heat gun and a suction cup.

3.) The only other real note about the digitizer is that the connector to the logic board is located in the top left hand corner. On the iPod Touch and iPhone the digitizer cable runs out of the bottom of the assembly.

We’ll have the skinny on all the internals when we take the iPad apart on April 3rd. Until then you can watch our library of take apart videos at the link below:

Mac Repair Video Library

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