Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ Take Apart – First Look Inside

November 19th, 2012

Another day…another take apart. Today it’s the Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ on the chopping block. Externally the device is very similar to the Kindle Fire HD 7″, but internally it’s another beast entirely.

It looks like Samsung is another winner in supplying parts for the Kindle fire as they are supplying both the ram and flash memory as well as the Display ( ltl089cl02-001) (Texus Instruments is the supplier for the processor is this model. We improperly noted it was Samsung in the first revision of this post.)

One thing unique about this device is that it appears to be using a dual battery design with two battery cells connected via a battery controller board, but with two separate logic board connections. The battery seems on the small side at 6000MAH 22.2wh.

In most Kindle models, the back case has just been cosmetic and is the first thing removed, however in this model most of the internals are attached to the back case. This will make changing out the LCD / Digitizer assembly a piece of cake. ( Of course the digitizer and LCD are fused as seems to be the norm nowadays.)

To see the exploded view (Part Locator) for the Kindle Fire HD 8.9″, click here.

On to the take apart.

Here is the initial pre-take apart photo.
Use a flat pry tool all around the back casing to undo the clips holding the back case to the display.
The two halves will separate but remain connected by the LVDS and digitizer cables.
Disconnect the LVDS Cable and the digitizer cable. The two halves will separate.
Working on the half with the battery, remove the 16 Philips #00 screws holding the heat shield on the battery.
The heat shield lifts out.
Disconnect both battery connectors.
Disconnect the LVDS cable from the logic board. (LVDS cable part number: PN PCB: 30-000348 Rev 06 MFC3 DC 4112)
Disconnect Micro-Usb / Micro-HDMI cable from logic board.
Ports lift out. (Part number PCB 30-000346 Rev 07
MFC DC 4112)
Remove antistatic tape from speaker connectors.
Disconnect the right and left speaker cables.
Disconnect volume and headphone board flex cable.
Logic board lifts out.
Disconnect and remove daughterboard flex cable.
(Part number PCB: 30-000347 REV 06
MFC3 DC4112)
Disconnect and remove camera (Part number 12p2bf105
l:240e2 4)
Disconnect ambient light sensor.
Disconnect the two wi-fi cables.
Wireless daughterboard lifts up. Includes antenna / light sensor / camera.
Remove the black adhesive on the middle of the battery.
Use a flat tool to lift up the battery to break the adhesive bond…apply pressure from several points so as not to damage the battery. (Part Numbers: 6000MAH 22.2wh,
PN: SWD P/N S2012-002-D, Type P/N 58-000015, Model No. S2012-002)
The battery lifts out.
Disconnect volume flex cable (Part Number PCB: 30 000345 REV06)
Remove antenna board / camera holder.
Disconnect ambient light sensor. (Part number: PCB: 30-000429 MFC3 DC4012)
Remove 2 Philips # 00 screws from the headphone board.
Remove headphone board.
Remove 1 Philips head screw from emi shield over power button and volume cables.
Volume and power buttons slide out.
Volume power button cable held on with adhesive. Use flat tool to pry out.
Lift cable assembly up and out.
Here’s the logic board with heat shields removed. The main thing to note are the memory and flash are both made by Samsung. (RAM K3PF/E700M GKG82497, Flash KLMAG2GE4A-A001)
That’s it. The LCD and digitizer are fused together, so that is the process for the components that can be removed.

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  1. Sam Atkins says:

    Thank you so much for this valuable information. My Kindle which is demostrated here, will charge only to 2%, and with it plugged in I can play it all day at 2%. I am thinking that its the Logic Board that is not allowing the battery to charge fully. Something on the board is stopping or switching off stopping the charging curcuit from finishing. Tell me you feel that this is causing the problem with charging, and if you do, where can I get the Logic Board, and if its neccessary, the Daughter Board also. Sam.

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