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Archive for August, 2011

How to Repair a Nintendo Wii

August 5th, 2011

Today we released our Nintendo Wii repair guide video. This video covers the entire disassembly of the Wii It will show you how to completely disassemble the Wii to replace components such as the CD Drive.

To view the video on our Repair Guide site, click on the link below:

Nintendo Wii Repair Guide

The video is also embedded below:

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DualDrive Update – 2TB Storage in Your Macbook Unibody

August 3rd, 2011

Today we’ve updated the storage capacity for our Macbook Unibody DualDrive. Our DualDrive will now support a 1TB hard drive making the total internal storage capacity for a Unibody Macbook 2TB. The cost for a 1TB DualDrive is $189.90. (The DualDrive allows you to double your internal storage capacity of your laptop by replacing your optical drive with a hard drive.

The non-Unibody Dual Drive capacity remains at 2TB, however, now the DualDrive with the 1TB option is a little more light weight.

The Macbook Unibody DualDrive can be found at the link below:

DualDrive for Macbook Unibody (from $59.95)

The standard DualDrive can be found at the link below:

DualDrive for Non-Unibody Laptops

Below is an updated size matrix for the Macbook Unibody DualDrive.

Model Internal Max Capacity DualDrive Max Capacity Maximum Capacity
Macbook Pro 17″ Unibody 1TB 1TB 2TB
Macbook Pro 15″ Unibody 1TB 1TB 2TB
Macbook Pro 13″ Unibody 1TB 1TB 2TB
Macbook 13″ Unibody 1TB 1TB 2TB
* Any prices mentioned in this blog are valid for the date of the blog post only and are subject to change.