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DualDrive - Add a Second Hard Drive to your Laptop

Price:   $47.75 - $259.90
Choose from the options below...
Drive Capacity:
No Drive Installed ($59.95)
320GB 5400RPM ($129.90)
500GB 5400RPM ($139.90)
500GB 7200RPM ($189.90)
750GB 5400RPM ($249.90)
1TB 5400RPM ($259.90)

Add a Second Hard Drive to your Macbook, Powerbook, or iBook!

Double the storage capacity of your Apple Laptop with a Dual Drive!

The DualDrive replaces your internal optical drive with a hard drive of your choice (Only 2.5" SATA drives will work in the Dual Drive). As a result, you will no longer have a CD drive in your unit. You can still have an external cd drive by purchasing an external drive such as our External Superdrive DVD/CD Burner and Reader

To see an installation guide and demo, click here.

If you're the type of person who doesn't use your optical drive much, but needs extra storage capacity on the go, then the Dual Drive is what you need.

How to Max out your storage

Model Internal Max Capacity DualDrive Max Capacity Maximum Capacity
MacBook Pro 13", 15", 17" 1TB 1TB 2TB
MacBook 1TB 1TB 2TB
Powerbook G4 12", 15", 17" 320GB 1TB 1.32TB
iBook G3 and iBook G4 320GB 1TB 1.32TB

Note: This version of the DualDrive is not compatible with the Macbook Pro Unibody models. Click Here to view the DualDrive for the Macbook Pro Unibody Models

The DualDrive does not come with mounting hardware or mounting instructions.The drive will use the mounting brackets that your original drive used. Free take apart guides are available from our website. Some machines have multiple brackets, and in some cases multiple brackets will not be required. The drive will sit firmly in place once the machine is completely back together.

Need Your Hard Drive Data Recovered?

We offer data recovery services for your Mac, iPod, or iPhone. Recovery fees start at $99 and includes free shipping and a free 8GB USB flash drive. Get more info at the link below.

Mac Hard Drive Recovery Service

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DualDrive - Add a Second Hard Drive to your Laptop
DualDrive - Add a Second Hard Drive to your Laptop
Drive Capacity
+ PATA Optical Drive (Superdrive) Enclosure for Mac laptops
PATA Optical Drive (Superdrive) Enclosure for Mac laptops

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