How to Repair an Amazon Kindle 3

July 28th, 2011

Today we released our Amazon Kindle 3 repair guide video. This video covers the entire disassembly of the Kindle 3. It will show you how to completely disassemble the Kindle to replace components such as the display.

To view the video on our Repair Guide site, click on the link below:

Kindle 3 Repair Guide

The video is also embedded below:

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37 Responses to “How to Repair an Amazon Kindle 3”

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  2. Kathy Jolly says:

    Good guide it is just a shame that getting the spare parts i.e. the LCD (the one on my kindle 3 broke)for love nor money here in the UK – this was supposed to be the most popular kindle to date but if there are no spares available it is out of order to my mind and I am looking for a different e-reader to replace the kindle even if it means loosing all my books

  3. Ravi says:

    In my kindle, there is this IC below the vertical speaker, next to the memory module, (on the edge of left side of screen, behind)… with J1 on it is broken.. is there a way i can fix this thing ? it is fitted with a screw… plz advise. TIA, ravi

  4. Josh says:

    Is there anywhere to buy a replacement screen for this kindle? I’ve been looking for one since someone stepped on my backpack and crushed the screen. The Kindle works and thankfully I was able to extract all my books but it seems to still be in working condition.

    So does anyone know where to find a new screen at a reasonable price?

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  6. mark says:

    Hi, my kindles back also seems to be glued in place, is this normal for UK versions

  7. Bradley says:

    @ mark -It shouldn’t be glued to my knowledge.

  8. Mark says:

    Great instructions! My issue was o/s related. It just froze and would not recharge. I followed your instructions far enough to pop the battery out. After letting it sit and putting it back in, the LED lit up, it rebooted and then responded to recharge. Thanks!

  9. lisa fitzhugh says:

    Can I get the screen replaced on my kindle

  10. Bradley says:

    @ Lisa – Yes. Give us a call at 1-866-726-3342, option 2 and we’ll give you a quote on getting the screen replaced on your Kindle.

  11. Ewen Crunkhorn says:

    My kindle’s screen isn’t cracked or anything, it’s more like it froze, so that when I powered it up, the screen went weird and the screen was covered in different patterns, differnet spots had brought up the enter password screen and the other half was still on the latin script wait screen. Does anyone know why this happened and/or how to fix it?

  12. PowerbookMedic says:

    It’s likely still an E-Ink display issue. A replacement will likely fix it.

  13. hellen altman says:

    This was most helpful
    I slipped on a pavement in heavy rain (running for a bus), & fell backwards. Kindle was in backpack & altho’ screen looks perfectly intact, [ON] button won’t power-up the Kindle nor can my PC detect the Kindle when I connect it.
    So will have to do the repairs – just out of warranty in mid-June 2012
    Not too sure what is wrong with the Kindle & Amazon not particularly interested in diagnositics
    They were offering inexpensive replacement, reconditioned Kindles (not my model tho’), or to send parts such as a new keyboard
    Would you be able to suggest what could have gone wrong?

  14. Bradley says:

    You’ll likely need to replace the logic board. The exact cost depends on the exact model of Kindle you have. You can give our repair department a call at 1-866-726-3342, option 2 for a quote.

  15. Pete Carr says:

    This worked! I had my Kindle on a camping trip and my padding was inadequate. Screen smashed with a star pattern from the pressure point. Took longer to get the initial back open than to put it all back together. Slight changes from the video. Speaker never did come off fully, nor did the 3G card but it made no difference.
    Thanks, guys.

  16. allan says:

    my kindle 3 display suddenly has lost pixels and thick lines and some thinner lines. It reboots but the areas with the loss of display stays the same. Does this need a new screen replacement?

  17. Bradley says:

    @Allen – Yes, you need to replace the e-ink display which is available from our website.

  18. allan says:

    OK – I got the new screen from you. Followed the Youtube instructions. Minor cable change and one piece (instead of the spacer) that is attached now to the main board. Everything went great. Works like a charm. Thank you very much!

  19. Chris says:

    I have a Kindle 3 keyboard / WiFi with E ink display? The model number is D00901. The unit is 15 months old. I went to use it the other day and there where lines both vertically and horizontally and parts of the screen where not visible. I can’t get the serial number etc since I can’t read the screen and move around.

    The unit appears to work properly, it charges and appears to start up and shut down normally but you just can’t read the display. Could you tell me what is wrong and what I need to do? Thank you for your time.

    Best regards,


  20. Bradley says:

    @Chris – You likely just need to change your e-ink display.

  21. Esther says:

    My kindle is completely frozen, tried holding the power for more than 20sec and doesn’t help. Tried charging it and no response at all…tried plugging it into my computer and can’t detect it.
    The screen is still frozen at where i left off…
    When i plug it with the power, there’s orange light on the power switch..

    What would be the problem??

  22. Bradley says:

    @ Esther – The issue is likely the logic board at that point.

  23. Susan says:

    Kindle is frozen. After charging there is no screen other than sleep mode. Didnt drop it.

  24. Sandy says:

    Great video. We had two kindles, one with the 3g card and one without. The one with got sat on so we put the good screen in the 3g kindle. My problem now is when I put the hinges from the book cover into the kindle the light does not work on the cover. It did before so there must be something that I didn’t put back together the proper way for the hinges to have juice. Any ideas??

  25. Bradley says:

    @ Sandy – I’d go back in and check all the connections and verify everything is seated properly.

  26. IvanA says:

    I have the same problem as Esther. My Kindle frozen, orange LED that never goes green despite on charge for hours. the LED does go off after some time on charge. Seeing that my Kindle 3 is past its warranty I have opened it up. Battery voltage is 3.29 and doesn’t get to 3.7. I thought 3.29Volt should be enough to power on so the problem is probably the logic board. My leather case has the retractable lamp so that isn’t the problem. Other leather cases have been known to lock up the Kindle 3. I have tried to reset using keys, Alt+shift+R but that has no effect. My screen is permanently on the low battery page and never refreshes. I have ordered a replacement battery via ebay and hope that fixes it. Time will tell. Just wanted Esther and Susan to know they aren’t the only people with this weird problem. I hope it comes good soon as I miss the little bugger.

  27. Peter Hentrich says:

    In your video “How to repair an Amazon Kindle 3” at time 05:13 you say “take your flathead screwdriver”. This is incorrect. It’s a Phillips head screwdriver.

  28. Mik says:

    Hi. Accidentally stood on my kindle, but right by the keyboard, not the screen. The standby screen is still displayed with a few horizontal & vertical lines and the lights on the power switch react as I would expect them to when charged or reset. I presume it simply needs a new screen but don’t want to buy unless I know for sure. Ideas?

  29. Bradley says:

    @ Mik – 99% of the time a replacement display will fix horizontal lines like you describe.

  30. Kevin says:

    Ordered replacement screen and pry tool from you guys. Went through the video to replace the screen. Everything went smooth. After everything was back together (less the back cover) I attempted to power on and the screen is still displaying the same image it had out of the box… Critical Battery Your battery is empty….. It will not power on. Now, it would power on with the cracked screen I just removed. Ideas before I take this apart again and replace the cracked screen to troubleshoot this thing? I have gone back and checked every cable connection, twice.

  31. Kevin says:

    The above comment can be removed! The unit had a low battery and after a brief charge the unit powered on perfectly! Thanks!!!!

  32. George says:

    Could you detail how you detached the LCD from the frame? I seem to be pulling the plastic screen front from the kindle too, and by looks of it, you don’t? I also notice the metal tabs inside the casing around the screw holes don’t get removed, but mine appear to be moving?

    Just a little unsure as you clip the video at this point and come back to it all magically done.

    My screen is smashed so no fear of that getting worse.

    Cheers buddy.

  33. Faith says:

    My usb fell into the Kindle. How much would it cost to re-install it>

  34. Bradley says:

    @Faith – Your cheapest solution is to replace the board as repairing it would cost more than a replacement. Replacements are available from our online store.

  35. bazzer says:

    Hi, just wanted to thank you for an excellent guide. Some of the keys on my Kindle had stopped working – unable to get replacement parts in UK – so bought a broken screen Kindle from ebay and with your guide was able to disassemble and replace the midboard. Now working just perfect!


  36. geovak says:

    I can not get the Kendle 3 to unfreeze. Have tried all methods listed on line. Checked battery it was only 2.3 V installed a new one and recharged still no luck. Any ideas? ANYONE?

  37. Bradley says:

    @ geovak – At that point you are likely looking at a logic board replacement assuming the parts you swapped in were good and you don’t have a problem with your charger.

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