How to Repair an Amazon Kindle 3

July 28th, 2011

Today we released our Amazon Kindle 3 repair guide video. This video covers the entire disassembly of the Kindle 3. It will show you how to completely disassemble the Kindle to replace components such as the display.

To view the video on our Repair Guide site, click on the link below:

Kindle 3 Repair Guide

The video is also embedded below:

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  1. 37
    Bradley Says:

    @ geovak – At that point you are likely looking at a logic board replacement assuming the parts you swapped in were good and you don’t have a problem with your charger.

  2. 36
    geovak Says:

    I can not get the Kendle 3 to unfreeze. Have tried all methods listed on line. Checked battery it was only 2.3 V installed a new one and recharged still no luck. Any ideas? ANYONE?

  3. 35
    bazzer Says:

    Hi, just wanted to thank you for an excellent guide. Some of the keys on my Kindle had stopped working – unable to get replacement parts in UK – so bought a broken screen Kindle from ebay and with your guide was able to disassemble and replace the midboard. Now working just perfect!


  4. 34
    Bradley Says:

    @Faith – Your cheapest solution is to replace the board as repairing it would cost more than a replacement. Replacements are available from our online store.

  5. 33
    Faith Says:

    My usb fell into the Kindle. How much would it cost to re-install it>

  6. 32
    George Says:

    Could you detail how you detached the LCD from the frame? I seem to be pulling the plastic screen front from the kindle too, and by looks of it, you don’t? I also notice the metal tabs inside the casing around the screw holes don’t get removed, but mine appear to be moving?

    Just a little unsure as you clip the video at this point and come back to it all magically done.

    My screen is smashed so no fear of that getting worse.

    Cheers buddy.

  7. 31
    Kevin Says:

    The above comment can be removed! The unit had a low battery and after a brief charge the unit powered on perfectly! Thanks!!!!

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