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Kindle 3 Wi-Fi

Submitted By: powerbookmedic
Approved On: 7/28/11
Description: This is an official Powerbookmedic.com takeapart guide for the Kindle 3 Wi-Fi.

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2 months ago
tried swapping out the midplane with keyboard to correct the failed selector switch in the middle of the 4 way. Still toast. Any ideas?
Powerbook Medic
4 months ago
@Anna - what was the kindle doing before? It may be something else. If your old board was working better than the replacement you may want to reinstall that one and make sure it turns on. You may also want to send it to us or take it somewhere for repair so other parts can be tested.
4 months ago
I've just changed the 3 G motherboard to my kindle 3 with the new one that you just sent me, but the kindle wont turn on and has lines across the screen, do you now what the problem could be? The screen is new as well.
Nell Matthews
9 months ago
I managed to catch my Kindle touch under a fitness machine and put a crease in the upper rt edge of the case - not the screen. The screen now has a 1.3 cm band of text that doesn't change, a 7.6 x 5.8 cm blank rectangle in the lower left, and what's left works fine. I guess that the motherboard was damaged?
9 months ago
I replaced my screen, which had been stepped on, using this video. It fired up perfectly the first time, but the next time I went to use it, the screen was showing lines across the screen and a cracked/spider web pattern that looks like the damage on the original. I have tried resetting it, but no change. Any ideas?
10 months ago
I am looking to make this repair and wanted to make sure your replacement screen comes with the sticky tape already on it to secure the replacement screen. Thanks!
11 months ago
Hello, I'm assembling back my kindle 3, where exactly does the golden washer go? I totally forgot.
Yolanda Washington
11 months ago
My Kindle will not pick up, much less connect to WiFi. I can still read books on it; however I can't connect to WiFi to download, update, etc... Does this mean that I need to replace the WiFi motherboard?
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