This is an official takeapart guide for the Kindle 3 Wi-Fi.


2 years ago
@marco - check software updates. What software is on your kindle? If you're not running 3.43 you need to update


4 years ago
Good Morning, I replaced my logic board on my kindle 3rd gen who was originally a 3G model with a logic board for a WiFi model. I can connect to the Wifi but it doesn't open any site. it says that the kindle is unable to connect. I checked all the connectors and it's all properly connected, any suggestions on how to solve this?


5 years ago
Please could you suggest why this is happening?


5 years ago
I replaced the screen of my kindle generation 3, but now all my screensavers and pictures are faded, even though all the words are fine and legible.


5 years ago
My right page turn is not working properly anymore. It either doesn't respond at all, or flips 2-4 pages at once. The right side works fine, so I think it's just been worn out... what part would I need to replace to fix it?


6 years ago
GS20678 Amazon Kindle 3 Midboard with Keyboard worked !

Lori Kresse

6 years ago
I don't know whether it's a battery problem or a screen prob! Screen is striped, like when a printer is running low on ink. Charged it and the light was yellow for a while then turned green. Power on, green light comes on for a few seconds then goes off. Screen never responds. Tried resets, green light blinks then shuts off. Took battery out for a few minutes and put back in, no change. It had been sitting idle for several months unused. Been in a safe place so it hasn't sustained damage. What do ya think?

Alexandra Shandling

6 years ago
Thank you so much. I ordered a new screen and used your video to replace my broken one. I am not at all handy but your instructions were easy to follow and clear. My Kindle is as good as new. I'm thrilled. Thank you.
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