This is an official takeapart guide for the Kindle 3 Wi-Fi.


6 months ago
GS20678 Amazon Kindle 3 Midboard with Keyboard worked !

Lori Kresse

9 months ago
I don't know whether it's a battery problem or a screen prob! Screen is striped, like when a printer is running low on ink. Charged it and the light was yellow for a while then turned green. Power on, green light comes on for a few seconds then goes off. Screen never responds. Tried resets, green light blinks then shuts off. Took battery out for a few minutes and put back in, no change. It had been sitting idle for several months unused. Been in a safe place so it hasn't sustained damage. What do ya think?

Alexandra Shandling

1 year ago
Thank you so much. I ordered a new screen and used your video to replace my broken one. I am not at all handy but your instructions were easy to follow and clear. My Kindle is as good as new. I'm thrilled. Thank you.


1 year ago
@Jonathan tran - Hi Jon, Did you ever find out what was wrong with your kindle 3? I am having similar keyboard issues with mine and would love to replace a part, if simple enough. When I hit the "right" arrow key on the keyboard (in the 4 direction square) it registers as "enter" instead.

Pavel A

1 year ago
My kindle is frozen om the Ralph Ellison screen. It gives me a yellow light as its charging, but no green light when I try to power on and no green light when I try to hard reset. I have tried the battery removal and it doesn't seem to work. Do you think this would be a motherboard issue or is it something else?


1 year ago
Ok I had a kindle model D00901 with 3g. It's screen broke so I got a used one to replace it from amazon. They sent me the wrong color so they gave me a full refund on it and I got to keep it. Well now I realized that they also sent me one that doesn't have 3g like the one I ordered. I really don't want to order another and go through the long transfer process again. Is there anyway I can take the 3g card from my broken kindle and put it in my new wifi one? Please let me know asap so I know if I have to order it all over again.


2 years ago
I replaced the mother board and now my kindle is no longer frozen. Yay! But, now the screen has tiny horizontal lines that are evenly spaced all the way down the screen. Like a printout with low ink. Do you think I need to replace the screen? (Thanks for the video - it was really helpful. BTW, there are 12 screws that hold the mother board down - the video says 11)

Powerbook Medic

2 years ago
@joanna - most likely
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