Track and Maintain Your Gadgets with My Devices

June 29th, 2011

Today we lifted the curtain on a project that has been in the works for over a year now: My Devices. My Devices in short is a place to keep track of and maintain all of your Apple devices throughout their lifecycle. Just type in your model number or serial number on the My Devices page, and your device will be added to your list of gadgets. From there you can access a host of services for your device including complete technical specs. An explanation of all the services can be found in the video below. (They are also described below the video.)

Click Here to try out the My Devices interface.
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My Devices Feature List

  • Details – Get the complete technical specifications for your specific model from memory and hard drive types to sales numbers and production dates.
  • Parts List – When you click on Parts, you’ll get the list of service parts for your device. If we have the part available, you can go directly to that part for ordering. If the part is unavailable, you can request the part from the My Devices interface.
  • Accessories List – Clicking on the Accessories button will take you to a list of all of the accessories we carry which are made specifically for your device. We currently stock over 2000 accessories from all the major brands.

  • Orders – The Orders button will show you all of the orders you have placed from us for parts for your specific device. This also tracks any repair orders from us that you have made for this device. (You must be logged into your account to use this feature.)
  • Warranties This button will list all of your warranties for products you purchased from us for your specific device. (In the future this will also allow for tracking of other companies’ warranties.)
  • Repair – This button will take you to our Send-In Service Center page from which you can schedule a repair for your device. The link will prefill our Quick Quote form for you to get an instant online quote for repairing your device.
  • Sell It – This button will take you to our Sell Your Gadget service where you can get an instant online quote for selling your gadget to us.
  • Report Stolen With this service, you can report your device as stolen. Once a report has been filed, we will flag that serial number in our system and contact you with any information that may turn up. For those who elect to have their device information posted on our blog, we will post updates on our blog with the information on the stolen device.

    3 Responses to “Track and Maintain Your Gadgets with My Devices”

    1. Larry says:

      Pretty cool tool but
      it needs the capability to import a batch of serials to use the “stolen” part of this tool.
      it also needs the capability to be able to paste the GPS coordinates instead of requiring you to burrow down into google maps each time.

    2. Bradley says:

      Thanks for the suggestions. We’ll take them into consideration for future upgrades to the platform.

    3. Great site design you have,i might hire you to do mine! haha

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