Sell Your Mac Desktop – We’ll Cover Shipping

June 8th, 2011

Our Sell Your Gadget program has been a huge success with over $50,000 worth of gadgets being purchased in just the first few short months.

One thing we’ve noticed is that customers want to get rid of their old desktop units, but they don’t want to pay to ship them or package them. To address this, from now on, we’ll be covering the packing and shipping of desktop units to us just like we do with laptops, iPods, iPhones, etc…

Once you schedule a desktop sale on our website, there will be a new option for The UPS StoreĀ® Drop Off service. Thanks to our partnership with The UPS StoreĀ®, all you have to do is drop off your unit with the work order you get when you schedule the repair, and they’ll do the rest.

So go ahead and sell your Mac Desktop. Get some green in your pocket and be green by keeping it out of a landfill.

Click Here to go to our Sell Your Gadget Program

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