How to Repair an iPod Touch 4th Generation

February 22nd, 2011

Today we released our iPod Touch 4th Generation repair guide video. This video covers the disassembly of the A1367 model iPod Touch. It will show you how to completely disassemble the iPod to replace components such as the LCD with Digitizer Touch Panel headphone board, logic board, etc.

To view the video on our Mac Repair Guide site, click on the link below:

iPod Touch 4th Generation A1367 Repair Guide

The video is also embedded below:

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5 Responses to “How to Repair an iPod Touch 4th Generation”

  1. Blair Ketcher says:

    You can get to pictures, videos, music, pdf, text, documents. The only files you can not access are those of unsupported formats, and that is simply because iOS doesn’t know what to do with them.

  2. Lefty says:

    I am wondering, does the ipod touch, 4th gen have a hard drive that can be replaced?

    Thanks, great tutorial by the way!


  3. Bradley says:

    No, it’s flash storage. You have to replace the logic board to replace it.

  4. Efe says:


    My ipod touch dropped to water. and it does not open now. but i just want to know is there any way to save my photos on ipod? maybe hard disk or drive can be plugged diffrent device or something else?

    great tutorial thank you


  5. Bradley says:

    @Efe – You’ll likely have to have the board repaired to get your data off of it. You can call our repair department at 1-866-726-3342, option 2 and discuss your situation with a tech to see if it’s something we can do or not.

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