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iPod Touch 4th Gen (A1367)

Submitted By: powerbookmedic
Approved On: 2/21/11
Description: This is an official Powerbookmedic.com take-apart guide for the 4th generation iPod Touch with model number A1367.

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Comments (196):

2 months ago
Mywire to my touch part rip any sugestins how to fix it
4 months ago
what is the best way to change the docking base, is it possible to wield a new piece or replace the whole board
5 months ago
Just went through the steps to replace the screen and digitizer - everything went well. I turned it on to test it all out before pressing the screen and body back together and the screen was fully functional and clear to see. But as I pressed the two halves together, the screen flickers to white. If I let up on the pressure, I can suddenly see everything on the display again. It is only when I press the two halves together that the screen goes white. I tried to reboot, but that did not change anything. Any suggestions?
6 months ago
Thank you for all the answers to the questions, very helpful.
6 months ago
My iPod 4's home button is stuck down. Can this be repaired using this 'take apart' procedure? The battery is also dying, is it really worth all the trouble of taking it apart (especially as I have zero tools/experience for this kind of thing) or is it simply time to replace my old iPod? Thanks!
Powerbook Medic
7 months ago
@THetter - hard to say. It may have damaged the connector when it was accidentally unplugged putting it back together.
7 months ago
Hi, I tried to replace a cracked screen on my Ipod Touch4g. I took it apart, connected a new LCD/digitizer and tested it. Worked fine. Put it back together but it didn't work. Opened it up, one of the cables had become disconnected. Reconnected it, tested it, was fine so put it back together - same problem! Opened it up again, this time while re-plugging the connector, I tore the ribbon cable on the LCD/Digitiser that connects to the circuit board. So, I bought a new LCD/digitizer. However, when I connected the new one and tested it, I pushed the power button and only got a faint flicker on the display and it stayed black. I thought the LCD/digitizer was bad so I returned it. Got a new LCD/digitizer from a different company. Hooked it up, but when I try to test it, I get the same behavior - pushed the power button, got a faint flicker on the screen but then stayed black. I tried charging the ipod (left it connected to the PC for a long time - BTW iTunes recognizes it fine and I hear the iPod beep) but still get the same behavior. Any ideas???
7 months ago
i want to reprogram my ipod touch 8th gb :( i cant because my home button is deatroyed :(plssss help
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