New iPhone, iPod, and Mac Parts Added

October 15th, 2009

Today we added a slew of new Mac parts to the site. If there is ever a part you need for your Mac that you don’t see on our site, you can request a part, and if we don’t already stock it we should be able to special order it.

Here’s the rundown of the new parts.

iPhone Parts

1.) iPhone 3G Antenna Flex Cable ($9.95)

This is the internal antenna pad for the iPhone 3G.

2.) iPhone 3G Digitizer Glass Adhesive Strip ($1.95)

These strips are used during the installation of the iPhone 3G Glass and digitizer panel.

3.) iPhone 3G Vibator Assembly ($9.95)

This is the part that allows the iPhone 3G to vibrate.

iPod Parts

1.) iPod Touch 2nd Generation – Back Case Panel ($19.95)

This is the back case for the iPod Touch 2nd generation. These come in 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB flavors and can be used to replace your scratched or dented back case.

2.) iPod Touch 2nd Generation – Headphone Board Jack ($9.95)

This is the board that the headphones plug into in the iPod Touch 2nd generation.

3.) iPod Touch 8GB Logic Board with Dock Connector ($99.95)

This is the logic board (main board) with dock connector for the iPod Touch 2nd Generation.

Macbook Pro 15 Inch Unibody

1.) Hard Drive Data Cable for the MacBook Pro 15″ Unibody – 922-9034 ($28.95)

This is the cable that connects the hard drive to the logic board in a Mid 2009 15 Inch Macbook Unibody model.

PowerMac G5 and iMac G4 and G5

We added three internal hard drive upgrade options for the PowerMac and non-Intel iMacs.

1.) 500GB Hitachi Hard Drive Upgrade for iMac and PowerMac ($88.95)

2.) 320GB Hitachi Hard Drive Upgrade for iMac and PowerMac ($69.95)

3.) 250GB Hitachi Hard Drive Upgrade for iMac and PowerMac ($63.95)

Mac Repair Tools

Lastly, we added two new tools to help out when repairing your Mac yourself.

1.) Thin Putty Knife for Mac Repair ($3.95)

2.) 4mm Nut Driver ($3.95)

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