iPod Water Damage – What to do

October 14th, 2009

The first thing that most iPod users do when their iPod becomes water damaged is to panic and switch it on repeatedly, attempting to see if it will work. Then they use a hairdryer, or a fan in an attempt to dry it out and hope for the best. Hopefully, if you are suffering from this problem you haven’t yet done the above, as they are both bad ideas. What you should do is contained in the following guide to recovering your iPod.

Get it out quickly

It is obvious to most of us that a submerged iPod must be taken out of liquid straight away. However, if your iPod has water damage due to condensation or rain, you may not think about getting it away from further sources of moisture as soon as possible. Whether your iPod is in the toilet bowl or a wet pocket remove it from the source of the problem quickly.

Do not power it up

Don’t switch your wet iPod on as this could be the equivalent of frying it. Refrain from playing with any of the iPods functions and concentrate on the next step to fixing your problem.

Submersion Indicator

If your iPod is a model produced after the year 2006 the chances are that it has a submersion indicator built into it. By checking this out you should be able to tell whether water has actually entered your iPod or not. If this is relevant to your model of iPod take a look at the website on the following link, as it will show your where your indicator is. http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3302
If the indicator lets you know that water has made it’s way into the device read on.


iPods can take some time to dry out. Some people recommend waiting for at least twelve hours before attempting to switch a previously wet iPod on. However, most success stories have come from individuals who have left their iPods to dry out for at least a week or two.To dry your iPod you want warmth, but not direct heat. If you use a hairdryer or another piece of equipment which can make your iPod very hot then you may inadvertently damage its circuits.

Dry off any excess water with a towel, and then place your iPod somewhere warm that has a decent amount of air flow, such as a conservatory with an open window.

If you search the internet you may find advice from people who have soaked their iPods in various solutions in order to help their iPods dry out faster, such as alcohol. Personally, I wouldn’t go down this route. You don’t want to keep getting your iPod wet in any way, or to block any airways with items such as rice, which can soak water up, but then so can a tea towel.

If you are electronically minded and very practical you may consider opening up your iPod and dabbing off any excess moisture. If you’re unsure how to open the iPod, you can check out our Free Mac and iPod Repair Guides for the take apart procedure.

Leave it alone

I know it’s tempting to keep checking the iPod to see if it’s working, but leaving it alone for at least a week, while in a decent place to dry out, is your best course of action. Hopefully, after this amount of time your iPod will switch on and function normally. Then you will breath a sigh of relief, and hopefully go out any buy it a waterproof covering to protect it in the future.

Final note

Don’t forget that your iPod may be under warranty if you didn’t purchase it too long ago. Check out the paper work that came with the device to see if the iPod is covered for water damage.

If the device isn’t under warranty and you can’t get it to work, we do have a send-in service for iPod Repair. .

You can also replace any damaged parts yourself. Click here to view all of our iPod Parts.

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  1. Bill Johnson says:

    love the websites theme 🙂

  2. Sandy Helmkamp says:

    Our IPOD was dropped in the toilet. It was quickly removed. We put it in a bag of rice for 3 days and then close to a heater. We tried charging it and it did look like it was charging.. then disappeared. Now it appears to be dead.

    Any suggestions?
    thank you,

  3. Bradley says:

    If nothing is happening, then you likely have a logic board issue. I’d recommend getting the unit professionally diagnosed. We do offer free diagnosis through our send-in service.

  4. Edward says:

    I had an LG cellphone get wet. I also placed this in a container of rice for a few days.I let it dry an additional 3 days after that before trying to charge. It was fine after that.

  5. graffiti says:


    […]iPod Water Damage – What to do[…]…

  6. Jane Broughton says:

    I dropped my iPod in the toliet in the girls bathroom in my school. and i was wondering ehat to do due to fact that i had it in my bookbag until i got home. So im wondering what I should due to try to get my iPod working properly again like it should. My friends told me to try the dry rice because it soaks up water, and I did as soon as I got home. But me personally I don’t think that is going to work. And I really dont have time to go to the Apple repai store to get it fixed. And I don’t know what kind of generation my iPod is except, that it’s an Ipod touch without the camera attached. So please help my cause my iPod is my life during school when we are not working.

  7. Bradley says:

    @ Jane – Give our repair department a call at 1-866-726-3342, option 2.

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