iPhone Repair – 3GS Take Apart Video

August 12th, 2009

Today we released our iPhone 3GS Take Apart repair guide video. The video is a four part video that shows you how to completely disassemble the iPhone 3GS.The video includes removal of the lcd glass, digitizer, logic board, and battery.

You can download the video segments in .m4v format and see the video page at the link by clicking the link below:

iPhone Repair Video – 3GS Take Apart

You can also view the YouTube video of the guide below:

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  1. Marilyn Howard says:

    Hey, don’t I have to HAVE a 3GS before I can take it apart? I am still hanging on to my 3G until April when I can upgrade. Then I hope I won’t ever HAVE to take it apart but, nice to know this is here.

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