Macbook Pro Unibody Glass Screen Cover Replacement

July 24th, 2009

One new product announcement before the weekend.

Today we began carrying screen cover replacements for the Macbook Pro 15 Unibody models. These screen covers are not original parts, but replacement parts. Apple does not sell the glass replacements. To replace the glass from Apple requires replacing the entire clamshell assembly. The part we are offering is a plastic replacement that once installed looks just like the original. As the cover is not an original replacement part, the words Macbook Pro do not appear on the bottom of the cover.The price on the cover is just $39.95 (check product page for current pricing) which is a fraction of the repair cost for a complete clamshell assembly.

The part is available from the link below:

Macbook Pro Unibody Glass Screen Cover Replacement


4 Responses to “Macbook Pro Unibody Glass Screen Cover Replacement”

  1. Lydia.. HELP ME!! says:

    i have a Macbook aluminum silver late 2008.. My LCD screen its intact it works perfectly but my unibody glass its a little cracked.. It seems i have to replace the glass but i want to know how much money that costs? should i take it to an apple store? i dont have a warranty ..

  2. Bradley says:

    You can contact our repair department at 1-866-726-3342. The cost for repair is $95 labor + part cost.

  3. Marilyn Howard says:

    I am glad you are carrying/offering these but, to Lydia I want to say; “Why no warranty???” Apple Care is such a smart thing to ALWAYS have. But, good thing the Powerbook Medic group is here to save your day!

  4. Young Delorenzo says:

    Great information 🙂

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