No Sir, That’s Not an iPhone

July 23rd, 2009

So a customer sends in his iPhone 3G to have the LCD replaced…but there was something peculiar about this particular iPhone.  By peculiar I mean that none of us here had any idea as to exactly what it was, but it sure wasn’t an iPhone.

The phone came in an iPhone 3G box…sortof. The box looked like an original except it wasn’t glossy and some of the icons on the phone itself were different.

Even more telling was that on the back case, instead of iPhone, was simply “Phone”.  It was also designed by Tvphone in America.

There were other major differences as well such as a smaller LCD and a different dock connector.If you had ever seen a real iPhone before, you would have realized that this was a fake.

So of course, the tech who was assigned the repair had to call the customer and tell him, “No Sir, That’s not an iPhone.”  The customer was left shocked and furious by the news….not at us, but at the guy who he purchased the phone from on eBay for $150.

You can see all of the side by side comparisons in the video gallery below.

2 Responses to “No Sir, That’s Not an iPhone”

  1. Dave C says:

    Some people will do anything to steal money from unsuspecting consumers. Thank you for this post.

  2. Tarife says:

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