Introducing the DualDrive 500GB

April 16th, 2009

While I still have a lot of new site features to go over, I thought I’d take a break from that to go over a new product we released today.

Add a Second Hard Drive to your Laptop!

Max your internal storage capacity out at 1TB (or 750GB for Powerbooks / iBooks) by replacing your internal optical drive (CD/DVD Drive / Burner) with a DualDrive 500GB hard drive!

If you’re the type of person who doesn’t use your optical drive much, but needs extra storage capacity on the go, then the Dual Drive 500GB is what you need.

The DualDrive replaces your internal optical drive, and replaces it with a 500GB hard drive. As a result, you will no longer have a CD drive in your unit, so you would need to purchase an external cd drive should you require that functionality.

To max out your hard drive capacity in your machine at 1TB (or 750GB for Powerbooks / iBooks), you would also need to replace your original drive. The Macbook / Macbook Pro can replace the internal drive with a 500GB + the 500GB DualDrive  for a total capacity of 1TB, and the Powerbook / iBook can replace the internal drive with a 250GB + 500GB DualDrive for a max of 750GB.

The DualDrive does not come with mounting hardware or mounting instructions.The drive will use the mounting brackets that your original drive used. Free take apart guides are available from our website. Some machines have multiple brackets, and in some cases multiple brackets will not be required. The drive will sit firmly in place once the machine is completely back together.

This product is available at the link below:

 500 GB Internal Hard Drive for Macbook, Macbook Pro, and Powerbook in Optical Bay

A few product photos….




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