How to Backup Data on an iPhone without Touch using Voiceover to Trust Computer

August 8th, 2018

In today’s video we show you how you can backup data on an iPhone when you don’t have touch functionality on the display. Touch is “required” in order to click the trust button on the iPhone and enter a passcode, but using a wired keyboard, a bluetooth keyboard, and Voiceover, you can enter a pin, enable trust, and get the data backed up.

The phone in the video was dropped in a lake and initially didn’t power on at all. We were able to get the phone to the point where it would connect to the computer, but the touch and backlight on the unit were not recoverable which presented a challenge as we could connect to the phone but not trust it. The customer had not hooked up the phone to a computer before, so there were no trusted devices that could be used. Using the method in the video we were able to recover the data on the phone and ended up with a happy customer.

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