Macbook Pro Touchbar Data Recovery Service

June 14th, 2018

With the introduction of the Macbook Pro Touchbar units (model numbers A1706 and A1707), Apple decided to get rid of upgradable SSD blades choosing instead to go with onboard storage. As a result of this, whatever storage size your Macbook Pro Touchbar unit came with is what you are stuck with unless you replace the board or (what Apple prefers) you buy a new Macbook Pro.

A major downside of building the storage onto to the main board is that if anything goes wrong with your logic board you will be unable to access your data.

Our Macbook Logic Board repair service is one option to recovering your data. With this service, our component level techs can try to get your board up and running by replacing the faulty components on the board.

In the event a board is unrepairable however, we have other options to save the data from your Macbook Pro Touchbar. With these new options we can either install a replacement board in your system and then transfer the data from the old board to the new board ( a $99 transfer fee applies) or we can simply take the data off your old board and put it on external media for you to get the files you need. (This service is $150 + external media cost. You can provide your own external media for this service.)

You can get more information on these services by clicking this link: Macbook Pro Touchbar Data Recovery

Macbook Pro Touchbar Data recovery

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