How to Take Apart the Macbook 13 Inch Retina

October 25th, 2012

Today, we took apart the new Macbook 13 Inch Retina to determine things such as repair procedure and future repairability. The device is incredibly easy to open up and take apart. The downside however is that as Apple shrinks their products, more components are combined decreasing the number of repairable parts. For example, the display is fused together as in the 15″ retina models eliminating the ability for self repair on the display. Also, the battery is fused to the top case preventing users from swapping out their own batteries.

We have for sale all of the parts for the 13″ Macbook Pro Retina at the link below:
Macbook Pro 13 Inch Retina Parts

The full take apart video can be found embedded below:

Here’s the fully disassembled photo of the 13 Inch Macbook Retina:

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