iPod Nano 7th Generation Teardown

October 12th, 2012

In usual fashion, today we received and took apart the iPod Nano 7th Generation. This Nano is incredibly difficult to take apart and will not be serviceable by most end users. The logic board, headphone board, volume cable, and battery are all one assembly. The components are so crammed in the casing that the likelihood of opening the device up for repair and not damaging a component is very small. Even our skilled technicians had difficulties with this one.

One design point worth mentioning is the number of curves in some of the cables such as the digitizer cable. We’re unsure why Apple has gone with this design change in these cables for the latest iPod revisions.

You can find photos of all the individual parts in our iPod Nano 7th Generation Product Category:

iPod Nano 7th Generation Parts

Our take apart video will be available shortly on our Mac Repair Guide page.

Battery Information:

Li-Ion Battery
APN 616-0640
3.7V .8Wh 220mAh

Chip Information:

Both Broadcom and Toshiba manufacture components for the 7th Gen Nano. Chip information can be found below.

Broadcom (Wireless)
UD1227 P21
206790 SN

Toshiba (Flash Memory)
XN4688 A0

Apple (CPU Audio Processor ?)

Click the image below for a hi-res image:

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