This iPod Touch is Full of Pennies

September 27th, 2012

Our Gadget Sale program has been a huge success. To date we’ve purchased around $650,000 worth of devices from individuals and companies.

Most people want checks or Paypal for their devices the same day we receive their device, but every device that comes in must be thoroughly diagnosed first. Some people wonder why we must diagnose systems, so we thought we’d post one of the reasons why this is necessary.

Yesterday we received an iPod Touch 4th Gen via our Gadget Sale program that was full of pennies. It had some “components” inside most of which were modified just to look like the item was a real iPod. The LCD and digitizer look real enough, but the LCD is just a cosmetic backing.

The fake is actually very well done. It was a good attempt, but in the end, we aren’t going to buy it.

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