iPhone 4S Echo Problem During Calls Fix

October 19th, 2011

We’ve received several reports of customers having problems with voice echo on their iPhone 4S. The echo does not immediately start during a call, but instead appears anywhere from 2-12 minutes into a call. Multiple iPhone 4S changes and headset changes produce the same results.

The problem appears to be software related.

Temporary Fix

When experiencing the echo, turn the speaker function on and off. This should clear up the issue temporarily and will have to be repeated every time the problem occurs.

Other Possible Fixes (Unlikely to help, but worth a shot)

Disconnect Your Headset
Restart Your Phone
Restore Your Phone

If you’re having similar issues, please let us know the specs on your carrier and models. The problem seems to be independent of size or color at this point, but the more information we have, the better.

** If you restored from a previous backup, please note that in the comments. If you started fresh, please note that as well. If you did restore, please also note what device you upgraded from.

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  1. 47
    L. Bowen Says:

    I have an echo when using headset.

  2. 46
    Phil Says:

    I had an echo on a 4s only when using a powered battery case. The case is a cheap $10 one off eBay & caused an echo every time. I opened up the little holes that let my voice through by taking out some plastic & it changed the acoustics enough it completely eliminated the echo. Keep in mind it was the person on any other phone who I was talking to who would hear their own voice as an echo. I can’t seem to make sense of why this worked but it eliminated the echo completely

  3. 45
    Jim Says:

    I’ve been told it is my Mophie battery case. I have found that during an echo episode, place a finger over the top hole where the earphone plug is, the echoing stops.

  4. 44
    David Says:

    I only get the echo when I’m using earbuds. I can sometimes get the problem to go away if I unplug the earbuds then plug them in again. But, the problem appears to be getting worse and I can never predict when it is going to happen and I can not prevent it from happening ahead of time. It is getting embarrassing because I use the phone for business and whenever I join a conference call, everyone’s voice begins echoing to themselves and they’ll say, “Oh, David must’ve just joined!”

  5. 43
    Eric Says:

    Do not use apple headset. I use froggers. And keep volume low. The apple head set is so sensitive that it picks up the persons voice and that’s why you get the echo.

  6. 42
    Michael Says:

    Make sure bottom speaker holes near charge/data port are clear of dirt fluff etc.
    Fine metal grill clean with very fine brush and try not to push any thing in

  7. 41
    Walt Says:

    This is so frustrating!!!!!!! I have an echo but told nothing can happen, free of charge, until I qualify for an upgrade. Seriously Apple?

  8. 40
    BigDave Says:

    Cannot stress how P##### OFF I am at this rubbish product!!! For the money, you’d expect to get a decent standard of phone….would’nt you?????? I have used the speaker ear piece off and on method with limeted success.
    Getit fixed Apple!!! Or is it all part of the plan??????
    One Un-happy Aussie!!!!

  9. 39
    Toby Says:

    I have the iPhone 4s and it came with an echo problem. For a long I did not know this problem existed because I never hear the echo. It is only heard by the person I call, where it is their voice that echoes back to them. My wife knows immediately it is me calling because her “Hello” is answered back to her in the echo. It happens about 90% of the time I call, and apparently it the echo can vary in intensity. Sometimes it will confuse the auto-attendant voice mail systems, because it interprets the echo as my response to a menu selection request. I had the SIM chip changed at the local AT&T store, but it made no noticeable improvement. Any solutions would be greatly appreciated.

  10. 38
    gbkny Says:

    The workaround seems to be turning the volume down. It only happens if your volume is at the max level.

  11. 37
    Ashwin Says:

    I’m also facing the same problem with my Iphone 4S 16 GB which i bought a month ago. I’m facing with some couple of issues like, for both incoming and outgoing calls people on other side cannot hear me for first 4-5 seconds but i can hear them. There is an echo problem that starts after 1-2 minutes. Please hep me what to do on this.

  12. 36
    saurav panta Says:

    i have also same problem when i call someone or if someone call to my iphone 4s in the receipt part they herad eco so how can i fix this problem.

  13. 35
    James Says:

    I am having the same issue with echo on a 4s which I purchased in the last month or so. The issue started about a week ago and is not corrected by the solutions provided. It does not happen when using the speaker option

  14. 34
    Sharon Wood Says:

    I had black 32 gig iPhone4 on which the echo started happening. 2 months ago I upgraded to iPhone 4S. The problem continued. My husband bought his iphone 4s at the same time, same store as mine and he has not experienced the echo problem at all. I reported to AT&T, they wrote a service ticket and after 2 weeks replied to me that they foumd nothing in the service that would cause the echo. They sent me back to Apple who gave me a new iphone4s. I set it back up from my backup and tried a call. The echo remained as before. My husband still has not heard an echo on his iphone4s. Very frustrating.

    I see that the last post here is in January 2012. Has there been any progress>

  15. 33
    muneer Says:

    i have an iphone 4s 16GB which i purchased in dec. 2011… the echo problem i guess is still not fixed by apple as i have the same issue. i have tried temporary fix like switching to speaker and back but that has not helped.

    only that worked for me was to use the speak-ear phones. this needs to be fixed as i have paid US$ 700 and it is sad to get a product from apple which has high levels of quality for their products.

  16. 32
    Pascha Says:

    Mine is without a headset I might add. It just is normal everyday calling.

  17. 31
    Pascha Says:

    I have had the problem since I bought my phone a week ago. Everytime I call someone I hear a static noise for about three seconds then it starts echoing. If it doesn’t do that, then I ant hear anything during the conversation. It is just sileint.
    iPhone 16g Telus

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