iPhone 4 Torx 5 Point Opening Tool Now Available

January 4th, 2011

For those not aware, not too long ago Apple began shipping the iPhone 4 with 2 minuscule 5 point torx screws on the bottom of the phone rather than the Philips head screws the original iPhone 4 came with. Further, if you take your iPhone 4 in for service, you will have your two Philips head screws replaced with the new Torx screws.

The assumption is that the new screws will prevent users from opening their own phones as they will not have the proper tool to open up the phone.

After several months, we’ve been able to source the tool, and it is available now from our website for $9.95 from the link below.

iPhone 4 TORX Plus 5 Point Screwdriver Opening Tool

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