Macbook Air Solid State Drive SSD Replacement

October 5th, 2010

Since the Macbook Air was introduced, one of the most common requests we have received is for a Macbook Air solid state drive replacement or upgrade. Until now these solid state drives have been virtually impossible to source. As of today however, we are now carrying both 128GB and 64GB solid state drives for the Macbook Air Revision A models (PATA models). We hope to start carrying Macbook Air SATA SSD drives in the near future, however at this time they are not available.

If you currently don’t have a solid state drive, you can upgrade to one. You can also use the drive to replace a defective stock drive.

The products are available from the links below:

128GB Macbook Air SSD Solid State Drive

64GB Macbook Air SSD Solid State Drive

macbook air solid state drive ssd

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