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Micro Sim Cutter with Adapter for iPhone 4, 3G, 3GS and iPad

October 27th, 2010

Today we added a new product to our online store…A Micro Sim Cutter with Adapter. Now you can easily and accurately cut your iPhone SIM card (15-25 mm) into an iPhone 4 and iPad 3G micro SIM card (12-15 mm).

The iPhone, iPhone 3G and 3GS ship with a standard size SIM card which is much larger than the iPhone 4 and iPad 3G Micro Sim cards. This makes is so you can not switch your sim card from your 3G or 3GS into an iPhone 4 or an iPad.

This MicroSim adapter cuts down your larger SIM card from your iPhone 3G or 3GS and lets you use it in an iPhone 4 or iPad. It also comes with 2 adapters that let you switch the card back into your iPhone.

Alternatively, this MicroSim cutter will allow you to cut down other carrier SIMS to use in the iPhone 4 and iPad.

Please note that while it is unlikely you will damage your SIM card using this product, you will be modifying your original SIM. As such, we can not provide any warranty or support in the event that you do damage your original SIM card.

Click the link below to go to the product:
Micro Sim Cutter and Adapter for iPhone 4, 3G, 3GS and iPad

Mac Pro Repair Guide Video Released

October 21st, 2010

Today we are releasing our Mac Pro Repair guide video.

This video guide shows you how to completely disassemble the Mac Pro to replace the Hard Drive, Power Supply, Logic Board, Memory, etc…

You can view the video directly at the link below.

Mac Pro Repair Guide

The video is also embedded below:

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iPhone 4 Back Glass Replacement Cover – Glassgate Fix

October 11th, 2010

More and more iPhone 4 users have been complaining that their back cases are getting broken by using 3rd party cases. The cases apply just enough pressure to cause the iPhone 4 Back Glass cover to break. The only fix is to replace the back case. The good news is that the back case replacement is quite possibly the easiest repair of any Apple device ever made. All you have to do is remove the bottom two screws on the iPhone 4, slide the back case off…slide the new case on, replace the 2 screws and voila.

We sell the iPhone 4 Back Glass replacements for $49.95.

These back cases are a little costly for what they are, but they are originals, and not copies.

Macbook Air Solid State Drive SSD Replacement

October 5th, 2010

Since the Macbook Air was introduced, one of the most common requests we have received is for a Macbook Air solid state drive replacement or upgrade. Until now these solid state drives have been virtually impossible to source. As of today however, we are now carrying both 128GB and 64GB solid state drives for the Macbook Air Revision A models (PATA models). We hope to start carrying Macbook Air SATA SSD drives in the near future, however at this time they are not available.

If you currently don’t have a solid state drive, you can upgrade to one. You can also use the drive to replace a defective stock drive.

The products are available from the links below:

128GB Macbook Air SSD Solid State Drive

64GB Macbook Air SSD Solid State Drive

macbook air solid state drive ssd