iPhone 4 Digitizer Dies in Sun

July 6th, 2010

Let me preface this by saying that I love Apple. Never have I ever had so much as a thought about returning an Apple product… that is until I bought an iPhone 4.

Yes, the reception sucks…especially for someone who is left handed. Being that I love Apple, I got a bumper and decided to live with it. Writing that just now sounds stupid though. Why should we have to buy a product to make another new product work? Reception issues aside, the problems with my iPhone 4 run deeper.

This weekend, like many of my fellow Americans on a 4th of July weekend, I went outside. However, when I ventured outside, I noticed a little issue with my iPhone. After just a few minutes in the sun, the digitzer on my iPhone 4 stopped working on the right hand side. This basically makes the phone useless until you step back inside and the phone cools off. Whenever you go back into the sun, the problem repeats itself.

Just a few notes about this situation.

1.) This is my personal phone…the one I waited in line for. I have taken exceptional care of it.
2.) We are in Alabama and the temperature over the last few days has been around 90 degrees. My iPhone 3G had no issues in the sun.
3.) It takes 2-3 minutes for the problem to appear. If I hop into my car, the problem pops up almost instantly.
4.) We have been unable to recreate this issue on 3 other iPhones 4s, so there is a strong possibility this is an isolated incident.

So now I must go back to the store and do something which makes me a little sad in all honesty. I must return my iPhone 4.

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  1. Ulf says:

    Interesting. I’ve had similar issue on my 3G since I upgraded to iOS 4. It’s operating in temperatures between 90 – 96 F (inside, out of the sun – I think I’ll move to Alabama 😀 ). I’ve also been triggering the Mute and Speaker buttons with my ear, which was never an issue before.

    I have made no efforts to isolate the cause, but there are three primary suspects: iOS 4, extreme operating temps and lots of sweat.

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