iPad Repairs Stacking Up

May 28th, 2010

When we initially offered iPad Repairs, we weren’t expecting a huge demand. Yes, iPads are mobile, but who is really going to drop and break their iPad? … That was the thinking anyways.

We were wrong.

On the weekend of the iPad W-Fi release, we had three reports of damaged iPads. Every day since then, we’ve had at least one damaged iPad in the shop. Today we got five new ones to add onto the list.

Demand has increased so much in fact that we’ve added a new full-time repair tech to our team.

So how are these iPads Breaking?

Almost all of the repairs we’ve seen to date are a result of people who have dropped their iPads and broken the glass. The stories mostly have a similar story of “It just slipped.” We’ve had several stories where friends were passing the iPad around and dropped it.

Our typical iPad repair cost is $129.95. ($99.95 for the iPad Glass + $30 labor)

The lesson here is simple. Get a nice case with some grip protection….otherwise you might end up being our patient.

ipad repairs

iPad Repairs Stacking Up

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