iPad Opening Tool for iPad Repair

May 19th, 2010

A couple of blog posts ago, we discussed the difficulty of opening up the iPad without breaking the iPad clips holding the display to the midboard. In short, every iPad we had opened to that point required us to replace at least a few of the iPad clips as they easily broke when the iPad was opened up.

We’ve since come up with a solution to the problem with our iPad Opening Tool. The tool is basically a metal spudger with a machine filed end that gives it just the right thickness and strength to easily separate the the iPad display from the back case.

Since the implementation of this new tool, our techs have yet to break a single clip on an iPad repair. The credit for that goes both to the tool and experience as we’ve been seeing a pretty steady stream of broken iPads coming to our facility.

If you’re looking to do a repair yourself, the tool is available for $4.95 from our online store at the link below:

iPad Opening Tool for iPad Repair

Here are a few pictures of the tool being used in a repair.

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