iPad Charge Monitor by Quickertek

May 13th, 2010

Have you ever plugged your iPad into your USB port only to find out that it says it’s “Not Charging”? The problem is due to USB ports not liking the heavy power consumption required by the iPad. According to Apple, the iPad requires a 10W USB port to effectively charge the iPad.

QuickerTek has come up with a solution however…the iPad Charge Monitor.

According to the product info from QuickerTek, “The unit will turn on the USB port so that it will charge and the 4 LED’s on the unit shows that the iPad is charging and shows the charging current level or how fast it is charging. The more lights are on the more power being put out by the usb and thusly the faster your iPad is charging.”

The device works for all Apple iPad, iPhone, iTouch & all 30 pin connector iPods.

Pick up yours today for $29.95. iPad Charge Monitor

iPad Charge Monitor Quickertek

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