Where’s My iPad 3G Shipment or Tracking?

April 28th, 2010

So, you decided to stick it out and wait for the 3G iPad. All of your friends have been gloating about their Wi-Fi iPads, and it’s killing you. You were promised your shipment by the end of April, so this week should be the week….but… it’s almost the end of April and you don’t have a tracking number or even so much as a shipping confirmation! What gives?

Bottom line, stop worrying. They’ll be here.

If you recall, it was less than a month ago when everyone was fretting about their Wi-Fi iPad shipments up until the very last minute. In the end, they were delivered as promised.

So Why No Tracking?

The Wi-Fi iPads shipped directly from China. Therefore shipping confirmations went out early. Our sources are saying these iPad shipments are already in the US, waiting at hubs, ready to go out. So most likely shipment confirmations will be going out late today or tomorrow. They’re also supposedly shipping via FEDEX instead of UPS this go around.

When Apple promises a ship date, they deliver. They’ve never failed. Apple is sneaky, and usually they’ll hide shipment information on new releases until the very last minute, but in the end, the product is always there when they say it will be.

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