Make a Tech Repair Video – Get up to $50

March 31st, 2010

Today we’re opening up our repair guide development to the public. As of today, anyone can upload a repair video and best yet, we’ll pay you for it. For a video 5-10 Minutes in length, we’ll give you $25. For a video 10 minutes or greater, we’ll give you $50.

What types of videos are we looking for?

We are open to any tech device we currently don’t have on the site.

The newer the device the better.

Does it have to be an Apple Product?

No. We’re opening this up to all devices, all brands.

How does it work?

Click Here to go to our Repair Guide Center and then register for an account. Once you setup your account you’ll be able to start uploading videos. After you’ve uploaded your video, our team will review it for quality. The review will be over within 24 hours in most cases. The video will then be posted live on our site and you’ll be sent your cash reward via Paypal.

Why are we opening up development?

When individuals collaborate on a project, the possibilities are endless. We want to do what we’ve done from the beginning, and that is to show people how to fix things. By opening this up we hope to accomplish that goal on a larger scale.

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