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January 28th, 2010

When the iPad was released on April 3rd, we were there. We were the first company to teardown the iPad and begin offering replacement parts and repair service.

Our iPad Parts store has all of the internal components needed for self repair. We’ll be carrying all of the parts for the Wi-Fi and 3G models. ( Model #s A1219 and A1337)

We’ve also got a high-definition iPad Repair Guide Service Manual video up on our Mac Repair Guide site.

For those not up to self repair, we have a Send-In service for iPad Service. The cost for the service is $30 labor + part cost.

Call us for iPad Repair

Below are some pictures of our iPad Repair done on April 3rd.

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With the new iPad just being announced, we’re already getting a lot of questions about whether or not we’ll repair them and carry iPad parts when they come out.

No one yet knows the complexities of this device or how user serviceable it will be. That said, from first glance the device appears to be a blown up iPod Touch. If that’s the case, we’d assume the same components will be replaceable for the iPad as for the iPod Touch, and we assume that in the minimum it will have an LCD Display and a digitizer that would be end user replaceable.

So to answer the question, most likely we will offer iPad parts and iPad repair, though it’s really too early to tell any specifics.

We’ll find out for sure in 59 days when we do an iPad take apart repair guide.

13 Responses to “iPad Parts and iPad Repair”

  1. Brian Kidd says:

    The iPad looks to be promising. I really like the color display and the function to buy books straight from the iTunes store. I really like all the wireless capability that comes with it.

    I do agree that it does look like a blown up version of the iPod Touch. I know that the same technology as the iPod Touch and the iPhone looks to be the same, just on a larger scale. I for one would love to have one when they hit the market. As a technician that kind of get at the info right away is very useful when working an onsite job and you need that info by yesterday.

    I for one would probably sell one of my Macs to have one of these new iPads.

    Brian Kidd.

  2. I don’t think the Ipad will be as successfull as the iphone, as it is not as knew and revolutionary.

  3. Yorke says:


    I dropped my iPad, and the half of the screen cannot show anything.
    People in Apple store says the video card inside the iPad is damaged, so I’m wondering if your company has the video card for iPad, and how much does it cost? (If you do have it, I’m in San Francisco, please let me know how I can give you my iPad)


  4. Bradley says:

    You likely need to replace the iPad LCD. It is unlikely that the “Video Card” which is a function of the logic board is bad. You can call us at 1-866-726-3342 option 2 to schedule a repair.

  5. nabeel says:

    My 3g ipad connector is not working, i cant sync, please advice if i can get new connector or fix it?

  6. Bradley says:

    You can just replace the connector cable which also contains the bluetooth and wi-fi components.The part is available here: iPad Dock Connector

  7. hider says:

    good day

    I want this piece to my IPad 3G
    Bart number apl0398
    I hope that I find it with full equipment + price please
    thank you

  8. Bradley says:

    You’ll have to replace the logic board to replace the A4 processor. The logic boards are available from our online store.

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    […]iPad Parts and iPad Repair[…]…

  10. Ken says:

    My son dropped his iPad2 and now the volumn button and power/sleep button don’t work. Also a ding damage appears around the switches. Can you guys fix this issue? If yes, how much would it cost?


  11. Bradley says:

    @ Ken – Yes, give our repair department a call to discuss at 1-866-726-3342, option 2.

  12. Faith says:

    When i turn on my original IPAD the screen lights up but nothing appears. i connecte dit to my computer and was able to download everything i had on it, do you think it can be repaired?

  13. Bradley says:

    It could just be the LCD. Give us a call at 1-866-726-3342, option 2, and we can let you know your repair options.

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